Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MeatWater - Delicious Food Flavored Drinks

MeatWater - Delicious food Flavored Drinks - Bored with the usual flavor of the soft drinks today such as tea flavor or orange flavor? well if you want to taste a new experience of soft drink you have to try this delicious food flavored drinks from meatwater? they has a chicken teriyaki drink, pecking duck drink and many more amazing flavored drinks.

MeatWater is a beverage maker with a variety of dishes that definitely do not think we ever imagined, Hmm.. it reminds me to this Bizarre Japanese ice cream flavor.

The purpose of Meatwater is make a taste of a food for those who don't have much time to buy their food. The taste was almost similar to the original food.

MeatWater with contents that are important to the body (protein, oxygen and others) claim to be able to make your body more healthy.

Want to know what flavor is offered? Call it the start of Chicken Salad, Salmon Salad, Chicken Teriyaki, Fish'n Chips, Peking Duck, BBQ Wings, Italian Meatballs and much more. Even in the near future they will issue a taste of sushi

Louis Vuitton's Frolicking Zebras (Paris, France)

As some may know, I'm not a huge Louis Vuitton fan, but now and again I can't help but to snap a few pics of their store windows. They usually alternate between traditionally elegant and playful fun. The latter made a comeback as I was greeted by two very happy zebras who seemed to be having a hell of a good time with a few purses in the Paris flagship windows...

To view the previous windows (including those featuring the ostriches), click here.

While one zebra daintily carried a black Epi Alma bag...

...another tried to balance several bags at once.

HTC 7 Pro SmartPhones Feature

HTC 7 Pro SmartPhones Feature - Almost everyday we hear about the new mobile phones was release to the market, most of them was using an Android Operating System or Windows 7 Operating System. Well each of the OS has their own advantages. For an example is HTC 7 Pro. this business smartphone from HTC was using a Windows 7 Operating System, How about for the other specification and feature of this HTC 7 Pro Smartphones?

HTC 7 Pro is a QWERY Slideout Smartphone which is Using a 3.6 inch 480 x 800 WVGA screen which has pinch-to-zoom capability. There is a 5 megapixel camera which has autofocus feature, flash and 720p HD video recording. This 3G phone has up to 7.2 Mbps download speed, and up to 2 Mbps upload speed, It could be perfect for those who seeks for a Mobile Phones with High Speed Internet Access. It also has a GPRS, G-Sensor, a digital compass, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor. The HTC 7 Pro is a Quad band phone weighing 185 grams and has a battery which allows up to 330 mins of talktime or 360 hours on standby.

So how about the price of HTC 7 Pro Mobile Phones? From the information that i got from the internet, this new phones from HTC will be be on sale next week for an unsubsidized price of €569 or approximately $735 Well if you want to buy the HTC 7 Pro with a subsidized price you can try this HTC 7 Pro Deals from

Well it's true that this HTC 7 Pro was not available today but you can still got the HTC 7 Pro Deals just by fill your email address and when the phones was available you will receive the deals of HTC 7 Pro, Isn't it worth to try?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Slush Hydrogen Chase 2053 Vehicle

Slush Hydrogen Chase 2053 Vehicle - Here comes another cool vehicle concept that can move on air and land. the names of this vehicle concept was Chase 2053, This Vehicle was powered by a Slush Hydrogen.

Visualizing the future of transportation, Norwegian designer Thomas Larsen Roed has created a vehicle concept dubbed the “Chase 2053” that runs on both the land and in the air to allow safe and brisk movement in urban environments. Developed for the year 2053, as indicated by its name, the futuristic vehicle also includes a core grown from mycelium, a process that does not require advanced facilities, which is further skinned with carbon nanotubes to provide extreme strengths in preferred directions. Powered by a slush hydrogen engine, the three-wheeled vehicle features a combination of stretch materials and polycarbonate to finish its exterior. In addition, the low need of fixed tools makes the vehicle lightweight and easy to produce on a large scale.

Here's more amazing concept vehicle for years 2053.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flying Yacht Concept by Phil Pauley

Flying Yacht Concept by Phil Pauley - Have you ever imagined about a luxury yacht which can fly on the sky? Phil Pauley made the awesome concept of this Flying Yacht. this flying yacht is a new paradigm in commercial and luxury private travel. Though this yacht seems to avoid ignores basic rules in its making, but it something, for sure, that takes you out from the conventional tech and lends you in future straightway. Dubbed the Flying Cruiser, it is the part of the cruiser range that offers four options to cater to individual choice. These include the Yacht Cruiser, Sub Cruiser, Fly Cruiser and Power Cruiser. This Flying Yacht Concept might be as good as this Halo Intersceptor Car the All in one Vehicle which can move on air, water and in the road.

The Fly Cruiser features wings with integrated jet engines. Wings extend outward from the body to accelerate the boat until it’s hydroplaning on a stability board, which it then retracts once it’s moving fast enough. Operating at the forefront of performance with aggressive yet innovative design dressed with classic contemporary furnishings, The Fly Cruiser changes from boat to a flying machine with the touch of a button and lifts you from the plain and into free air to well over 100 knots. So, if you are the one who looks for comfort and loves open air freedom, then the Power Cruiser is what you surely love.

Here's more picture of this Flying Yacht Concept by Phil Pauley.

Credits to :

Thursday, January 20, 2011

World's Smallest Digital Camera JTT Chobi Camone

World's Smallest Digital Camera JTT Chobi Camone - This digital camera might be the world's smallest digital camera, It comes with a micro DSLR Camera shape, at a first sight many people will think that this is only a toy. but actually they was a digital camera. JTT Chobi CamOne is a mini digital camera with the form of a DSLR camera that can function properly unless you talk about quality, certainly can not expect much.

CamOne Chobi size is only 25 × 25x26 mm and weighs only 12 grams but can produce the image resolution to 1600 × 1200 px and take video resolution VGA (640 × 480 @ 30 fps). Just like a DSLR, Chobi CamOne also can mutually exchange the lens and provided wide and telephoto lenses as well

With their tiny size i think this gadget could be a great spying gadgets since no one knows the existence of this camera. For storage this micro DSLR Camera was using microSD card / micro SDHC with a maximum capacity reaching 32 GB. Chobi CamOne using Lithium batteries can be recharged via the USB cable is also used to transfer files to your computer

Chobi CamOne sold at 9800 yen for the body only and does not include a memory card and extra lens. Here's more picture of this micro DSLR Camera named Chobi Camone JTT

Here's the Example of the picture taken with this Micro DSLR Camera JTT Chobi Camone.

Gareth Pugh (Hong Kong)

The one thing any visitor will quickly notice about Hong Kong is the abundance of prominent designer flagships all around town, especially those of the flashy logo variety which attract mostly mainland Chinese tourists with plenty of cash to spend. And while Hong Kong locals used to love these brands as well, more and more hip or discerning shoppers are opting for labels without the LV or Gucci stamp. The company that came to their rescue years ago was I.T., a retail giant that not only hosts high-street chains and its own multi-label boutiques stocking all the more contemporary designer gear, but also negotiated exclusive rights to open flagships for some of the most popular labels. This explains why thanks to I.T., Hong Kong is lucky enough to have three Isabel Marant boutiques or several Tsumori Chisato outlets to name a few.

Looks from the FW10 collection (images:

But the biggest coup are the row of stores along Central's Ice House Street. A fashionista's dream come true, you'll find the Ann Demeulemeester, Maison Martin Margiela and Comme des Garçons flagships side by side - and the newest addition: Gareth Pugh's first and only standalone boutique in the world. While Hong Kong may seem an unlikely choice for a debut and a store wasn't at the top of Pugh's priority list, I.T. made the designer an offer he just couldn't refuse. The result: a futuristic 658 square-foot venue with a decor that mirrors his designs perfectly, courtesy of the London studio Daytrip. The storefront lacks a traditional window display and instead offers pedestrians a view of the giant LED screen featuring short film snippets of his work. The rest of the store is both dark and illuminated, matte and glossy: black rubber cases and racks, black tiled floors/ceilings and ash gray walls give the retail space a distinct gothic vibe.

Overview of the boutique (top image: Daytrip) and racks of clothes (bottom).

Even the store facade features black rubber paint (imported from the UK of course). According to Pugh (via WWD) "Because it was my first store, I knew I had to do something that was very me. I went back to my runway shows and thought, 'what could be more me than a black box?'" The LED display, which from afar looks like any regular TV screen, is the biggest attraction though. Inspired by his friends Ruth Hogben (who's films run on a loop on screen) and Nick Knight, he hopes to one day connect the display to his studio via the Internet, so that even beyond opening hours, viewers are connected to his work.

More of the store, incl. the geometric shapes which can be found on cardigans (top right) and display cases.

A closer look at the LED display (left) and the individual LED lights that create the moving images (right).

While the store, in all its blackness, may seem a bit intimidating, it's actually not. Once you get past the entrance, you'll realize that the compact size makes the area almost cozy... well, as cozy as a black box can get. Better yet, the one very friendly SA working there was helpful but also doing his own thing so you were left to browse at your own leisure (in my experience, HK SAs are notorious for stalking customers around stores). I loved the fact that some of Pugh's signature geometric shapes could be found on the brightly lit display cases. Clothing was neatly arranged and it was great to see so much of his collection in one place. Even in the UK, it's difficult to find more than a few of his pieces in select stores, and I quickly noticed that much of what was featured in-store was not from the runway and a lot more wearable.

View of the adjoining second room (top image: Daytrip). Seating area and a shearling leather jacket (bottom).

The entrance area as seen from the back (left), a padded jacket and loose knits (right).

The second room with an elaborate dress on display (left). A very heavy safety pin scarf (top) and other accessories (bottom).

Famous for his futuristic, almost sci-fi looks, Pugh has toned it down a little in recent seasons, but a lot of what you see is still a little 'out there'. For every cool structured leather jacket I found, there was another padded wool coat that only Lady Gaga could pull off. Yet beyond the avant-garde, there were knits, separates and evening dresses that looked both luxurious and edgy. And of course there's always the accessories, such as the great suede/leather wedge boots I sighted or the safety pin scarf.

The padded changing room.

More of the store (right), a structured leather jacket and leather/suede ankle wedge boots (left).

If you do decide to try something on, the padded changing room provides a nice contrast to the rest of the store: silver gray and surrounded by mirrors. The lack of excessive furniture or decor makes the boutique seem larger and the second section, where the changing room and a small seating area can be found, houses even more looks which are slightly more elaborate than the knits and jackets in the main hall. A fun browse if you like Pugh's work or favor more avant-garde fashion, but I'd probably go just for the terrific LED display alone. And definitely a welcome change from the typical big designer brands that populate Hong Kong - a relief from logo-mania if you will.

Looks from the SS11 collection (images:

Address: 10 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hrs: Mon-Sun: 11:00-20:00

Gareth Pugh Homepage

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lanvin's Living Paintings (Paris, France)

It's been a while since I posted some Lanvin store windows, mainly because I forgot I had these pics. While the 'real' looking mannequins often creep me out (compared to the typical Lanvin dolls with illlustrated faces), this was probably one of the most fascinating displays they've done in a while. The effects of the mirrors and in particular the female figures breaking through canvas were almost like art installations, but if anything stole the show, it was probably the little doggies in the menswear section...

Lanvin Homme

Men (some without pants) and their dapper dogs.

Lanvin Femme

Dramatic poses with mirrors and canvases.