Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 15, 08:02 PM
    Bisexuality was openly accepted. You do realize thatEurope's population is expected to fall catastrophically due to a low birth rate

    And that concerns you how??

    Have sex with someone of the opposite gender isn't exactly a homosexual thing, in-vitro fertilisation is immoral and the government can opt not to allow homosexuals adoption privilege.


    ACT UP made some people glad for AIDS, "God's curse on sodomites". Treating people like crap doesn't exactly improve relations

    Double wow, without a disclaimer from you.

    I do believe your time here would be better spent somewhere else.


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  • floridaoj1
    Dec 28, 01:24 AM
    I thought I might post a video I made... It's a mix of 4 video's actually, and some other editing...
    It would be cool to have a video category here, but I understand how the bandwidth suffers from it..... :)

    Here's my vid, watch it..... (
    I may have posted this in the wrong category, sorry.....

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  • bimmerchop
    Aug 1, 08:32 AM

    Wallpaper found here (

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  • LimeiBook86
    Aug 21, 12:29 PM
    This one is just for fun. I was playing Earthworm Jim 2 for the Sega Genesis and I couldn't resist! :D

    Here is the avatar:


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  • menziep
    Mar 23, 11:44 AM
    Are GPUs Supported By SETi or Folding

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  • Tulipone
    Apr 27, 06:27 PM
    The fact the we post on a forum or add some rubbish to Twitter or Facebook means that we have lost anonymity on the internet - but those actions are (hopefully) made with some thought to security settings.

    The thing that irks me is that I appear to have left a trace / was tracked in a different country as i deliberately turned 'Aircraft mode' on to save roaming charges and only used the video camera on my iPhone whilst there.

    I now know that despite 'disabling' wifi and gprs, there was a conversation with cell masts. Does it really matter? Not really - the country I visited wanted to know who I was in advance and scanned my passport on entry. Uk also knew that I had left the country.

    I guess I am guilty as anyone NOT reading the EULA as properly as I should have done, but thought that I would have had assurance the the option could be disabled. That option did not work and now I wonder if the text Apple has left IS accurate. Do they track data and return it to Apple for some reason?


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  • DanielNTX
    Dec 5, 11:03 PM
    No DDR2... that's a different form factor.

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  • d21mike
    Feb 9, 06:50 PM
    I received a call from ATT just yesterday. I have a small business account with 4 phones. My account came up on his list (thought it was nice he called). He said i could get a 5th phone for almost free since I would then qualify for 8% discount with 5 phones. I could also drop down from 1400 min to 700 since I am not even close to 700 min (last 4 months). I said, yeah since A-LIST (10 any phone numbers) I hardly ever call anyone where it cost me minutes. He said, oh yeah that would be a problem because you loose A-LIST if you drop to 700 min. Prior to A-LIST I would normally not go over 700 min. I now have maybe 10,000 rollover min. I will never use all of my minutes even without this. Of course I have the unlimited texting with 4 phones at $30 per month. Also, with the iPhone generally just TEXT and not actually make a call.


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  • Qwest905
    Dec 4, 01:41 PM

    do you mind sharing your dock the finder and chrome ones =)


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  • mikeschmeee
    May 3, 12:08 AM
    Yup! They don't make them like they use to. Many people ask me why don't I buy a new car instead of dumping more money into my old Prelude. But the new cars that are available aren't the same. Unless I'm able to purchase a Porsche but thats another story. hehe.
    Onto more photos.

    Dubberz Spring Unsprung 2011: ( ( ( ( ( (


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  • baryon
    Mar 31, 11:37 AM
    Well finally we might actually see decent image editing on the iPad. I can't imagine this being anywhere as great as Photoshop on a real computer anytime soon, but the iPad should be able to run something like Photoshop 7 or CS without any problems thanks to the CPU power and RAM it has. If they just made it touch sensitive somehow, or added stylus or external tablet support somehow, that would be awesome.

    I doubt there really is the need for a totally rewritten app here, as it will lack 99% of the good features in Photoshop (Liquify, robust Type tool, Curves, etc...).

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  • B. Hunter
    Nov 11, 01:02 PM
    With that short reply Dustyn is now armed with all of the information he needs to make a long-term purchasing decision at his post production facility.

    The tag line "Sent from my iPad" contains more information than the reply itself.


    So true!

    Based up the release of iLife 11, why should anyone expect major surprises with the next release of FCP?
    Its true, Apple has put its focus into the iPhone & iPad. Software programs developed by Apple have been put on the side.


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  • kuryack
    Oct 10, 04:50 PM
    new wall :)

    got it from

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  • mrw00tastic
    Apr 28, 08:24 AM
    I for one am happy with my Verizon iPhone and didn't regret purchasing it with the knowledge that a newer iPhone would be out later this year. I tried the Incredible and didn't like it and my contract will be up in time for the iPhone 6 which i'm sure by that time will be guaranteed to have LTE.


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  • xi mezmerize ix
    Oct 9, 07:28 AM
    I have ten that rotate every minute:

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  • Rocketman
    Nov 19, 05:16 PM
    As a publicity stunt, it is working. Let's say they bought them in bulk from Best Buy or Wal-Mart. They have a couple dozen locations each at 300 units per store all discounted $100. That's a $720,000 total marketing expense for all the publicity you can mooch off Apple. On black friday.



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  • brou
    May 2, 04:43 PM
    I gave blood about 1.5 months ago. I can't give again for another 1.5 months.

    I'm O-, so I always give double red cells. My work does a drive every 3 months.

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  • zen.state
    Apr 6, 07:10 AM
    power cables have arrived so......

    Would anyone recommend carbon copy cloner to make the switch to a Sata Drive?

    Also once I've cloned the existing HD how do I go about telling the PPC that I want to use the Sata drive as boot drive? is it the startup page in system preferences?

    CCC or Superduper are fine for cloning.

    For startup disk just click on system preferences and click on "Startup Disk" shown circled below. Just select the disk you want to boot from and select restart.

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  • Lifesuxsbad
    Apr 7, 12:26 PM
    I am giving away a XTAND (for the iPhone) on you tube once I reach 300 it ok with the forum if I post a link to the video here? Wanted to ask before I did. Do not want to break any of the forum rules.

    Dec 7, 03:41 PM
    Please share this wallpaper.

    Here you go :)

    May 5, 07:33 PM
    nevermind---got beat to the punch lol

    Dec 3, 03:00 PM
    Guess it is a play on of the old saying, "an Apple a day..".

    Looks cool though.

    Jan 3, 01:59 AM

    Send me a private message or e-mail (, I'd like to ask you something (and you have private messages and e-mail disabled! :eek:)

    Thanks! :D

    Feb 1, 09:34 AM
    Both monitors are on a rotation of HD nature wallpapers like these ones. =)

    And yes that weather is accurate. Lots of snow and cold here in the Northeast. :cool: It was -23 a week ago, so Im feelin' toasty,

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