Monday, February 28, 2011

Phrazer Device a Handheld Communicator for Healthcare Service

Phrazer Device a Handheld Communicator for Healthcare Service - Just imagine if you were a doctor and you has a patient from a foreign country and you don't understand their language, the most fatal way due to this reason is the wrong disease diagnose. You need a special translator device in the medical fields to avoid this problems.

Phrazer is a medical device that will bridge the differences in the language used for the above problem or can be called a kind of translator tools but it was made specifically to the healthcare and medicine fields.

In this device there is a video that translated into 300 languages and a 7-inch sized touch screen to give instructions to patients about the part where it hurts and others.

Patients only need to follow the instructions (video) present on the screen with a language that is understandable and then the results can be read by the doctor to accurately and will provide a more accurate diagnosis. In Phrazer device it also features Bluetooth, USB, GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G to make it more portable and able to access important information needed.

Phrazer using 2 pieces of batteries that can be used for 22 hours and claimed the translation almost 100% accurate. It is very useful, unfortunately, the price of this medical sophisticated equipment device is quite expensive this device will be sold in the range $ 12000-18000. Watch the Demo Video Below.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weird and Unique Gaming Mouse Device

Weird and Unique Gaming Mouse Device - Nowadays we can find many great gaming mouse in the market either it for an online shopping or even at the computer shop, many mouse manufacturer such as Microsoft to logitech provide a cool gaming mouse. computer gaming mouse is having so many variations. Certainly, some mouse devices have been specifically built for playing games and they have entirely changed the way video games are played. The gaming mouse is very much different from the conventional two mutton mouse with options like: ergonomic gaming controller, adjustable DPI settings, etc. each of the gaming mouse type has designed for a specific games such as Strategy games, RPG games,shooting games into racing games. Well several months ago we have posted about the Bamboo computer Mouse and now Let’s have a look at the most unusual, weird and gaming mouse:

Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse

The Cyborg R.A.T. 7 includes significant number of buttons, options, sensors and it can also be customized to a huge extent. Its thumb guard, palm rest, and height can be adjusted as per the user requirement or fit. The mouse features optional components and accessories for giving it a different feel. The functionality and usages of Cyborg R.A.T. 7 are unique, that’s why this design is considered as a technological triumph. R.A.T. 7 costs $99 and its wireless upgrade R.A.T.9 has been priced at $120.


Gameboard is a keyboard mouse which has been specifically built for PC games. It is hard to remember the buttons and keys required during a play, this is the point where Gameboard gaming mouse design pitches into action. All the keys have been placed in a perfect order which allows you to play the game more effectively. It is indeed a humongous mouse with nearly 30 programmable keys, a thumb-stock, and support features for macros. The Logitech G13, Razer Nostromo and Belkin N52TE are the best Gameboards available presently. The Logitech G13 Gameboard has been priced at $70 price.

Zalman FPSGUN FG-1000 Gaming Mouse

Zalman FPSGUN is another futuristic mouse design which according to the manufacturer resembles a handgun grip. The black painted plastic and rugged planes surface for enhanced grip provides additional support to the user. FPSGUN is also having a dark brown edge which looks quite awesome. This FPSGUN costs between $60 to $75.

Logitech G9 Mouse

G9 is the brainchild of Logitech gaming mouse company – which is known for making 3D gaming designs. In this gaming mouse design the future grips have been limited to the wheel, which has been placed between the buttons. The core buttons have been covered with a solid grip which look quite weird but are having different set of usages altogether. G9’s design assures dimensional changes which can be modified to a huge extent. G9’s actual cost is $100 which is nominal for being a good gaming mouse.

Razer DeathAdder Mouse

Razer DeathAdder more or less resembles the Microsoft’s Explorer but it is having some additional options in it. This mouse is a sculpture with a right-handed design, steeper curve and two additional buttons there. The mouse is more beneficial for large or medium sized palms, and people with small hand will definitely face some problems while using it. For sudden aversions, attacks and dodges during the course of a game this Razer DeathAdder would be an advantage. The price of Razer Death varies from $59 to $69.

Microsoft Sidewinder Gaming Mouse

Microsoft was surely looking for some introducing the advantages of Logitech G5 and the Razer DeathAdder designs in its Sidewinder Gaming Mouse. Sidewinder is having both pluses and minuses as a gaming mouse but still it is a formidable competitor because of its hardware customization facility. The mouse has been priced at $80 price by its makers.

Belkin Gaming Mouse

Belkin is having an inbuilt gaming accessory called n52e which can be integrated with all the PC games. The keys can be positioned as per the user requirement of the user. It packs some additional specs like: multiple profiles and a cool backlight. Its ergonomics consist of: soft-touch wrist pad, 8-way thumb pad, removable joystick, non-slip rubber pads grip, 15 fully programmable keys, enhanced tactile feedback and backlight for low light environments. All these options are available in just one pack at a price of $69.99.

World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse (PC)

This gaming mouse has been specifically designed for the Warcraft games by the designers like Blizzard and SteelSeries. Whether it is healing paladin, removing poison, heal or buff every gaming operation is simply possible with a touch. Pointless to tell that, the Warcraft games would become much more simple with this mouse. Warcraft’s market cost is £59.99

R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II

R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II is an entirely a new concept. It is having a dpi resolution of 1600 and button functions that can be customized to huge extent. Every button can be assigned a special role as per the gaming style. Even the LED light inside the interior can be programmed in this mouse. $59.90 is the price for R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II.

Novint Falcon 3D Gaming Mouse

Novint Falcon 3D makes the First Person Shooter gamed a lot more easy. It is a 3D mouse with a mechanism called force feedback that allows you feel the texture, shape, and weight of the 3D world. The Falcon is a virtual mouse that gives you a never before closer to reality experience. Whether you are playing a arcade or racing game you would be able to feel the virtual world in your hands. Novint is the designer of this mouse and has priced it at $200 price. You can also buy some more accessories like: detachable grips (standard and pistol) and three games.

CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse

Spawn Lightweight Gaming Mouse is an ergonomic design for gaming fanatics and professional FPS gamers. The gaming mouse encompasses the features like: 60-inch per second tracking, a 3500dpi optical sensor, 5.8 Megapixel per second image processing power, 20G acceleration, Macros support, 7 programmable buttons, 2 meter USB cable, etc. The price details has not been mention by the company yet.

Logitech Gaming G500 Mouse with G300 Headset

Logitech is again back with some unmatchable gaming solutions in form of Gaming G500 Mouse with G300 Headset. This ultralight gaming device includes an adjustable DPI System, smooth pinkie ledge, nice finish for a convenient feel. This set also packs a G300 headset that features options like: audio control, noise canceling microphone, bugger, and USB adapter. The device will hit the market by this month between a price rate of $50 to $70.

Razer Naga Molten Edition

Razer Naga Molten Edition is considered as the craziest gaming mouse ever made by the reviewers. There is a molten 3D lava engraved on its exterior which personifies certified gaming experience. The device guarantees maximum ergonomic support, enhanced comfort and unmatchable customizability. Razer Naga Molten Edition gaming mouse can be availed at a price of $80.

HP EliteBooks a Notebook with 32 Hours Battery Life

HP EliteBooks a Notebook with 32Hours Battery Life - HP release their new notebook that will make the new world's records as the notebook with the longest battery life. this HP EliteBooks was claimed has 32 Hours Battery life. HP EliteBook 8460p (14 inch) and 8560p (15 inch) is the latest notebook from HP that had the casing of magnesium-aluminum material that is very strong so you do not have to worry about broken or damaged.

It's still good but there is one more that makes anyone feel obliged to have a notebook like this because in this new notebook (especially the 8460P series) Offer a new battery life even that you have to spend more money.

HP 8460P claim could be used for approximately 32 hours with just one battery is rechargeable through enhancements. Just imagine how long your notebook can survive? My Notebook only can last for 1,5 hours now.

We don't know how big the battery is given the greater size of the battery capacity must be added a thick but for those of you who do need long battery life, little weight would not matter. So how about the Specification of this HP EliteBooks?

In both series HP EliteBooks will use the latest Intel Core processor (Sandy Bridge), with options ranging from an Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 as well as RAM and hard drives up to 8 GB RAM and 750 GB or 160 GB Hardisk SSD.

HP EliteBook 8460p and 8560p will start to be launched this March 15, priced at $ 999 (8460p) and $ 1,100 (8560p) but we do not guarantee for the batteries that can last 32 hours since you need to pay an extra amount for the special battery.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thanko Mame Cam Ultrasmall Digital Camera

Thanko Mame Cam Ultrasmall Digital Camera - This digital camera from thanko was known as the world's smallest digital camera, this camera was measuring only 30x27x27mm with 11gram weight. People will think that this is just a toy camera, but despite from it's looks this digital camera was also able to take a picture and record a video. Hmm i wonder which one is smaller, this Thanko Mame Cam or this JTT Chobi Camone Digital Camera.

Don’t measure its calibre with its small size, this small camera can shoot real time videos, images and audio’s with mono quality. In an aggregate this Japanese micro camera design measures just 30×27x27mm. It can be integrated with a laptop or computer via USB 1.1 for transferring the captured images/ videos. Thanko mini camera, captures videos in 640×480 resolution (AVI, at 30fps) and pictures in 1,600×1,200 resolution. Apart from all these features, this micro camera also records audios in mono quality. Thanko mini camera is having an amazing storage capacity of 32 GB in its small interior and battery backup of whopping 36 minutes. The device has been priced at $95 by the company and if you are staying outside Japan then you would have to contact Geek Stuff 4 U for placing an order for it.

Here's more picture of this micro camera from thanko.

Sterishoe - Gadget to fight the Bad Smell in Your Shoes

Sterishoe - Gadget to fight the Bad Smell in Your Shoes - the bad smell from our shoes can last for long even you have washed the shoes several times, and this gadget named Sterishoe will helps you to eliminate the bad smell from your shoes in 15 minutes.

Shoes often cause odor after use because the moist and mixed with sweat. Moreover, if the shoe is often used for days and rarely washed. However, despite being washed many times and put on socks, shoes sometimes still spread bad aroma.

An innovation in technology was developed to overcome the problems experienced by almost every person. Gadget named SteriShoe claimed its developers can eliminate unpleasant smell in shoes.

How it works like a frame-shaped tool that this shoe is to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, using ultraviolet (UV). How to use it is put SteriShoe in the shoe. Once connected with electricity, this tool will remove the UV light that works eradicate the bacteria that cause odor.

Rainer Kuehling from Shoe Care Innonvations explains, "SteriShoe capable of killing 99.9 percent of bacteria within 45 minutes. This tool is recommended by doctors as a method of eradication of bacteria without chemicals, especially for athletes and those who have problems with foot odor."

SteriShoe manufactured in various sizes, and will be marketed in the United States via online at a price of $120

Friday, February 25, 2011

Luxury Car Collection of Cristiano Ronaldo

Luxury Car Collection of Cristiano Ronaldo - The luxury car collection of celebrity and famous people was really interesting, we have post the luxurious car collection of David beckham and Michael Jackson luxury car collection before. and now how if we sneak into the garage of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has Aston Martin DB9, 2 Ferrari 599 GTB’s, Audi R8, Porsche 911 Carrera Triptrnic S, , Bentley Continental GTS, Phantom Rolls Royce and the BMW M6. Rolls Royce Phantom is the most expensive car in his fleet worth 340,000 Euros.

Cristiano Ronaldo was known as one most expensive player in soccer, so it's not obvious if he can buy many supercars, From the information that we got here's 8 of the Cristiano Ronaldo favorite supercars. Well I wonder how much money that he spend to fill his garage.

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron is the fastest car and most expensive cars on earth. Its top speed reaching 253 mph, or about 407 km/h and can beat a Formula 1 car that could drive up to 360 km/hour. The price was not arbitrary, which reached $1.2 million.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

Rolls-Royce is a very respected car brands in the UK. This car is usually only owned by the nobles or the people who have wealth. Only a few people who currently own a car type Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe in the UK. Just imagine, worth about $443,000, What is amazing is in the trunk of the car have a picnic boot. When luggage is opened, it will come out of a cupboard that holds the automatic bottle of champagne and several other picnic equipment.

Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Cristiano Ronaldo already been waiting a long time to buy it directly. This car has a powerful engine, which is carrying the 3.0-liter V6 engine acceleration triptonic 8 transmission. Its maximum speed was up to 218 km / hour. For fuel consumption, this car could spend 10.5 liters for a distance of 100 km. The price, 49,000 euros.


This car has gained worldwide recognition as a dream car for those who like automotive and sporty style. This car is perfect, of course, with Ronaldo job as a world's top athlete. Although the price reached $ 100,000, Ronaldo did not have problems to buy and place it in his garage.

Porsche 911

This car is very limited. Porsche provides only 356 units. To bring an open-topped car with this classic roadster style, Ronaldo willing to spend deeply for 201,682 euros.

Bentley Continental GT

This car is the most powerful Bentley ever made and the first to penetrate the speed of 320 km/hour. Christiano ronaldo had a crush on this car and he spend %375,000 to drive this Bentley Continentl GT

Ferrari F430

Two-seater sports car is actually retired. However, Ronaldo was very fond of this Ferrari. Therefore, he did not want to sell and still often drive a car worth $188,000 But unfortunately this car has been crashed on an accident, Check also the best ferrari car design ever.

Audi R8

This super car can reach top speeds up to 316 km/hour. The price was too exorbitant, that is $109,000

Most Secure Dunhill Biometric Wallet

Most Secure Dunhill Biometric Wallet Bluetooth Wallet - Need a solution to protect your wallet from thief? You can use The Wallet made from Dunhill was equipped with the biometric fingerprint reader which means that this Wallet can only be opened by the owner.

This Dunhill Biometric wallet can also connect via Bluetooth to a mobile phone owner. So if your wallet and cell phone was separate in distance of more than 5 feet, then the wallet will issue an alarm signal.

Its exterior is made of durable carbon fiber to be 'rejected' if the fingerprint does not match the opening hand prints owners. In it is equipped with a storage card from the skin and the clip is made of stainless steel.

Not only armed with sophisticated technology, this wallet also has an elegantly simple design. At first glance like the texture of black leather with Dunhill logo.

This Dunhill Biometric Wallet which guarantees safety for the owner is priced at $825

Thursday, February 24, 2011

EGO Undersea Explorer Vehicle

EGO Undersea Explorer Vehicle - Now with the advance in transportation technology you can explore the beauty of undersea easily and comfortable. EGO is a semi diving Vehicle with a capacity of 2 passengers is intended for anyone who likes to see the underwater sights.

Called semi-submarine because the wheelhouse below the water surface is surrounded by glass so that we can see the scenery under the sea. And if you're bored, we can rise up and bask in the over EGO.

Ego is also created for all people, which means easy EGO driven by anyone without having to learn or courses to drive it. EGO also claimed very safe compared to a submarine because when an accident, we easily get out of the Ego.

EGO itself sold in 2 versions of EGO are destined for commercial SE and LE EGO reserved for the person. Well it's great to have a honeymoon with your partners on this vehicle while exploring the beauty of undersea. here's more pictures of this EGO Vehicle the semi submarine to explore the undersea.

Eat the Designers with AnOther Magazine & Selfridges (London, UK)

With so many events and exhibitions going on during LFW this past week (not to mention the shows themselves), there was one showcase that literally left me drooling. Since I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, I might have been better off staying away, but a girl can rarely resist the combo of fashion and dessert. Some may remember my coverage of the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, where dresses were created out of cocoa ingredients. This time around, big-name designers themselves were asked to envision their ultimate fantasy cake.

To celebrate AnOther magazine's 10th birthday, Editor in Chief Jefferson Hack (also of Dazed & Confused fame) asked a few luxury designers to come up with their dream birthday cake design just for fun. The idea snowballed when some of UK's most prestigious cake makers decided to actually execute a few of these ideas. The result was hosted by Selfridges, who presented these creations in their (appropriately titled) 'Wonder Room' concept store under the name 'Eat the Designers'. A birthday bash in-store with special guest Daphne Guinness also saw a real live model emerge from the 8-foot Lanvin cake. Now why can't I have birthdays like that?

Below you'll find a few photos I took while browsing the cake selection the day the presentation launched. As tempting as it was to plant my face in one of these beauties, I didn't feel like getting arrested (or worse yet... being banned from the store) and let's be honest... many of these are just too pretty to eat. I have included the descriptions and ingredients though. Just so you can imagine what it would be like if you were to take a nibble...

So tell me, which cake would you want for your own birthday?

Calvin Klein Collection by Francisco Costa

(Top right image: AnOther).

“Interactive floating mobile cake. Small, matchbook-sized cakes covered in edible silverleaf suspended in a dégradé presentation. Cake flavour: lavender. Approximate size of each cake: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" square. Thickness of each cake: 1/2"” ~ Francisco Costa. Made by Brett Redman, featuring silverleaf marshmallows.


Right: Overview of the space at the Selfridges concept store.

Made by Andrew Stellitano. According to the tag description, the ingredients are: bakery selection (doughnuts, cupcakes), gold candles, pink marshmallows with green/red/green web, liquorice strips, strawberry marshmallow, caramel fringes, pink meringue, silver icing, chocolate logo on biscuit, Christmas hard candy mint stick, cream, dark chocolate, Gucci diamante pattern icing, silver sugar praline, milk chocolate, lollipop, biscuit.

Philip Treacy

“I would imagine it could be made with fondant icing as it is sculptural, but as you can see it should be made by somebody who really knows what they are doing!”~Philip Treacy. Made by Julie Walsh of Le Cordon Bleu. The final cake was made of pulled sugar.

Dolce & Gabbana

“Inspiration: memories of embroideries from a Sicilian hope chest and the Sicilian baroque. Shape: heart; a tribute to passion for food. Description: a sponge cake imbued in a light and sweet-smelling citron juice, Sicilian orange blossom custard, wild strawberries, blueberries and small passion fruits. For the glazing: marzipan glaze, orange-flavoured dark chocolate coating, citrus and fruits of the forest- flavoured red and maroon small chocolate flowers (inspired by baroque velvets). The micro, white flowers are made of soft marzipan, whilst the darker ones are caramelised violets”~ Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

I don't believe these cakes were actually made (right images: AnOther). Top: Christian Louboutin, bottom: Dolce & Gabbana. Illustrations and magazines decorated part of the store walls (left).

Christian Louboutin

“Bûche de Noël Bottée: chestnut cream, chocolate, vanilla extract, Génoise cake (flour, baking powder, salt, eggs, sugar, vanilla), chocolate ganache (chocolate and heavy cream), covered in shaved chocolate (to make the bark), egg whites, sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder dusting (for the meringue mushrooms), marzipan (for the sole), almond sugar, red food colouring, cocoa powder dusting” ~ Christian Louboutin

Gareth Pugh

(Images on the right... top: Annie Nichols, bottom: AnOther).

“A simple cube shape with the pattern tiled onto the surface. The triangles forming the design should be in relief and the gaps should be sunken – very crisp and sharp. Something around 6" square would be a nice size”~ Gareth Pugh. Cake made by Paul Wayne Gregory: 6" x 6"' chocolate quilted cube dusted with powdered edible sugar.


(Right image: Annie Nichols).

According to AnOther magazine: "The multicolored cake is made with smoothy creams, layers of flavours such as cherry, cream, pistachio, nut, chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, apricot and strawberry. The layer tops are covered with colored marzipan and little biscuit, candies and sugar or chocolate flakes. The cup-holes are in creams, crunchy nuts and candies." Cake made by Caroline Hobkinson.


(Left image: AnOther).

Burberry Lights: light, soft lemon sponge cake with sugar icing top, illuminated with miniature studded lights. The cake is wrapped in a metallic iconic check casing.

Vivienne Westwood

"It is heart-shaped and can be made out of chocolate, strawberries or vanilla; it is absolutely up to the baker’s imagination"~ Vivienne Westwood. Cake made by Fabien Ecuvillon at Mark Hix (consisting of chocolate and an exoctic fruit of sea/buck thorn jelly).

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

"Ten candles, lace and sugar. Another Magazine as a temple of modernity. Happy Birthday"~ Karl Lagerfeld. Cake made by Peggy Porschen.


(Right image: Annie Nichols).

“I wanted to make a luxurious, tasty, happy and colorful yet chic birthday cake. I took inspiration from 1950s girls who jumped out of cakes – even though they were covered in cream they looked amazing! There are some pearls, and we use meringue at the centre, with cream, white chocolate, and truffles. The cake is big enough so that a real size girl can fit in it”~ Alber Elbaz. Cake made by Bompass & Parr.

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

This was the most elaborate and also most provocative cake hidden in a black box, only viewable from the top or via peepholes and mirrors. For adults only (a sign nearby said it was for 18+), this orgy of a sculpture was more like a work of art than an actual cake (and who knows where Tisci would have put the candles... I won't venture a guess). It was truly amazing.

(Left images: Annie Nichols).

“Dark decadence, sensuality, something that recalls pure pleasure”~ Riccardo Tisci. Made by Simon Smith out of pure margarine.

For more, head over to Annie Nichols' blog for additional images or visit the Selfridges page for videos of the 'making of' and the party.

All illustrations and cake descriptions courtesy of AnOther magazine.