Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Most Extraordinary Twins in the World

The most extraordinary twins in the world, twins people mean identical, there's so many twin people in the world who has many similarity one against each. usually they has a similar physical appearance. Twins itself has many types such as siamese twins such as this two headed girls from Britain. and also like this fake miraculous twins made by photoshop.

So how about the world's most extraordinary twins?? Here's the richest, heaviest, oldest, shortest and tallest twins in the world's Let's Check it out.

1. The Heaviest Twins Ever

Billy Leon McCrary and Benny Loyd McCrary are known as heaviest twins in the history of the world. Both were born on December 7, 1946, Billy died on July 14, 1979 from injuries resulted from a stunt gone wrong while Benny died on March 26, 2001.

Billy waited 743 pounds while Benny was 723 pounds. In 70s, the twins traveled around the world as tag team wrestling partners. They called themselves the McGuire twins because announcers in foreign countries had difficulty pronouncing McCrary. They were also famous for their mini bike stunts.

2. The Tallest Twins

James Lanier and Michael Lanier are known as tallest identical twins in the world with 7 6” height. Both were very good basket ball players and played for their respective colleges. Hmm... why this tallest twins didn't listed as the tallest man in the history?

3. The Oldest Living Twins

World’s oldest twins Qiao Junior and Qiao Senior were born on June 18, 1905 ,in Weifang City, east China’s Shandong Province. Both turned 104 on 18th June 2009.
Couple say that they are still fit, active and the best of mates.

4. The Richest Twins

At the age of 20 Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are world’s richest twins with preside over the tween retail empire Dualstar Entertainment Group. Established in 1993, it sells $1 billion worth of merchandise worldwide a year.

They shared a role on the TV show Full House. Since then, Mary Kate and Ashley went on to create teen empire, with clothing, books, perfume and shoes.

5. The Shortest Twins

John Rice and Greg Rice are known as world’s shortest twins with 2′10″ heights. Rice brothers were born on December 3, 1951 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Their biological parents abandoned them, so, for about nine months, the doctors and nuns took care of them. In colleges they realized that they are very good at sales and both had good careers in real states.

Source : Blindhoop

The Most Extraordinary Cats in The World

The Most Extraordinary Cats in the world, As a pet, cat was ranked as one of the most famous pet due to their cute appearance, well there's so many special and extraordinary cats in this world such as the world's fattest car, world's biggest cat, tallest cat and the smallest cat, we have talked about many cat related article before in this blog. such as the ugliest cat, special cat costume, cat who love to read and the tailor for cat, 4 eared cat, and many more.

Here's another Extraordinary cat in the world.

1. Leo The Longest Cat in the World

48 inches or 122 centimeters in length with furry skin from nose to tail (as measured on March 10, 2002) Leo is the world’s longest cat. Chicago based Caroll Damron and Frieda Ireland own this Maine Coon. Another amazing thing about this domestic giant cat is , it also has a long name i.e “Verismo Leonetti Reserve Red”.

Leo broke the Guinness World Record in 2006, and was compared to be the length of an 8-year old child at that time. His paw could easily fit into a 2 year old’s shoe.

2. Snowball The Fattest Cat in the World

Snowball world’s largest cat is owned by Rodger Degagne, a former employee with AECL in Chalk River.This 87 pound giant cat eats about 3 lbs. of cat food a day, along with cooked chicken, supplemented with deer and moose that Rodger hunts in the fall. “She likes pike a lot, so I don’t throw them back any more.” Snowball often accompanies Rodger fishing on the Ottawa, eagerly peering over the side of the boat as soon as his line goes tight

3. Mr.Peebles The Smallest Cat in the World

Mr.Peebles weighs about 1 kilo, is about 15 centimeters long and perfectly fits in a 200 ml glass.Dr. Donna Sassman adopted this little kitty after she had a miserable experience with her ex-owner.”I was at a house doing vaccines on a dog and saw Mr. Peebles. He was very cute and I asked the owner ‘Can I have him?’ She said, ‘Yes, if you can catch him,’” says Dr. Donna Sassman.

According to vets Mr. Peelbles have a genetic defect and may not grow further.

Monday, August 30, 2010

High Quality Bathroom Suites

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Frozen Aquarium in Japan - Kori no Suizokukan

A Frozen Aquarium? Japan back with another cool inventions, this is the first frozen aquarium in the world. As a way of battling the summer heatwave that hit Japan this year, authorities have inaugurated a frozen aquarium that will keep visitors cool and entertained.

Kori no Suizokukan is located in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture and features around 450 specimens of around 80 species of marine wildlife, all captured at a nearby sea port. Visitors can enjoy a brief break from the scorching sun and admire all sorts of fish, crabs or octopuses, as well as unusual objects like action figures, bottles of sake, or flowers, all embedded in huge blocks of ice.

The Frozen Aquarium was inaugurated, in Kesennuma’s fish market, in 2002, and uses flash-freezing technology to conserve fresh specimens and keep them looking so good.

While the Frozen Aquarium is a welcome tourist attraction, visitors can only spend a few minutes inside. Because temperatures inside the aquarium reach -20 degrees Celsius, a special suit is needed to keep people from becoming freezing exhibits themselves. Without these special suits, visitors would start feeling severe pains in just five minutes time.

via :Oddity Central

Two Moons Phenomena | Moon and Mars 2010

This night on 27 august 2010, we will see an amazing space phenomena where we can see moon and mars together, it will looks like a double moon, or two moons together, on that time planet mars will be on the nearest distance to earth. This event will happen again on 2287. So don't forget to see this moon and mars together on 27 august 2010 this night. A rumors said that this night moon and mars will have a similar size if we look from the land.

“two moons of 2010” in the sky, and it is not very far. On August 27, while Mars will grow to the size of the full moon, the people of this land you can see this amazing scene. It had been said that the Planet of Mars will be very close to the Earth where the distance between these two planets will be estimated to in the radius of thirty five million miles only. Mars will just look as large as the moon in the sky and it will be thought that two moons will be seen at one time at the Planet Earth even though the truth will be different from the actual situation. According to the NASA officials this was going to happen yesterday at 12.30 pm at the time of mid night. According to the calculations of the NASA officials this scene will be created after a long period of time in the year 2287 hopefully.

The Moon and Mars August 2010 controversy has confused the people a lot as this rumor was considered a half truth as the NASA officials are good at studying the movement of the planet

The encounter will culminate on August 27th when Mars comes to within 34,649,589 miles of Earth and will be (next to the moon) the brightest object in the night sky. It will attain a magnitude of -2.9 and will appear 25.11 arc seconds wide at a modest 75-power magnification.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Elisany Silva The World's Tallest Teenager

This girl is the tallest teenager in the world. Her name is Elisany Silva she was born on September 27, 1995 in Brazil. Now she is 14 years old and 6'9'' (206 cm) tall , It's hard to believe that a 14 years old teenagers was that tall. Although being the tallest teenager in the world isn’t easy, it will help her to become a model when she walks the runway in Belem. Before this we have another tall people in this crazy world such as the tallest model eve babezilla and suparwono as the tallest man in Indonesia.

she had to leave school because she can't sit properly on the school bus and her parents don't have enough money to determine the cause of or treat her inordinate growth. But Elisany wants to make the best of her size, explaining that she is interested in modeling. She will reportedly be making her runway debut at a bridal fashion show in Belem, Brazil.

Here's another picture and video of Elissany Silva the world's tallest teenager after the jump.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Huge Nose Man Fei Jianjun Suffer Rhino Carcinoma

Fei Jianjun. 40 years old Chinese man from Maxiang village (Jilin province in China), who has been cruelly nicknamed "Hippo Man" is going to have operations to remove the tumor from the nosesuffers rhino carcinoma. He did not receive any medical treatment for his huge nose as a result of poverty until the hospital offered him free surgery. His nose is the size of a human fist. Fei receives a CT scan at a hospital in Changchun, Jilin province August 19, 2010. Fei found a red knot on his nose last September, which then grew into a size as big as a human fist. He did not receive any medical treatment due to poverty until the hospital offered him a free surgery, local media reported.

His condition began as a small bump on the end of his nose nearly a year ago - but it now covers so much of his face that his eyes have been pushed onto the side of his head.

Doctor Zhang Jianjun, of Jilin Military General Hospital, said Fei suffers from very severe form of nose cancer, and will die within six months without immediate treatment.

"We will give him radiation therapy first to shrink the tumor underneath, and then we'll perform plastic surgery on him," he said.

Well i feel really sorry for fei jianjun conditions. hope that the operations of his Rhino Carcinoma will end his misery. Here's a picture of Fei Jianjun the Huge Nose man caused by a nose tumor or called as Rhino Carcinoma.

Personalized Drug Rehab Center

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Incredible Golden Creatures

Golden means luxurious in terms of gadget and vehicle, but this time the term golden goes to an amazing creature on earth. this incredible golden creatures was worth to be called as the most valuable animals on earth due to their golden appearance. Well here's the Incredible Golden Creatures on earth.

The Golden Fish in Taiwan

Have you remembered about this golden fish in taiwan? several years ago we posted about this incredible creature found in taiwan.

Want to see more bling bling anomal? check it out.

Lion tamarins (Leontopithecus)

Golden Tree Snake and other snakes

Golden Tegu

Golden poison frog

Golden jumping spider

African Golden-weaver (Ploceus subaureus)

Chrysina resplendens

Gun Parts and Accessories

There's so many people in this world has an extreme hobby such as shooting. those who has shooting as their hobby must be familiar with gun parts and the specification of the gun. several years before this stuff was only familiar on the military force but now those who have a shooting hobby can obtain this gun. You can find many high quality gun and it's parts on brownells dot com as the world's largest suppliers of Firearm accessories, gun parts and gunsmithing tools. beside sells a high quality guns, they also come up with books and video about Gun and weapons.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Wackiest Motorcycle Design Ever

Whether you love to do a bike modification or not, this list of the top 10 wackiest motorcycle design could be an interesting post for you. in this list we could find the wackiest and the most idiotic motorcycle and bike design. I'm sure that this Alligator Bikes design should be listed on this wackiest bike design. And this Cool Motocopter too.

The first of all we have a Skeleton Bikes. this motorcycle design was suitable for those Gothic Fans.

2. Guitar Motorcycle Design - If you're a guitarist on a band so you'll love it

3. Tri Cycle Bike Design - Perfect for those who can't drive a bike

4. Ultra Big Motorbike

5. Hamburger Motorbike

6. Motorbike with so many lights

7. The Real Monster Motorcycle

8. V Dubycle

9. Beer Sidecar

10. 5th Wheel RV