Friday, July 30, 2010

Odd Molly (Stockholm, Sweden)

odd molly stockholm store
Of course I'm no longer in Sweden, but I still have so many great shopping destinations to catch up on, I hope no one minds if I showcase yet another Scandinavian brand. Odd Molly was one that I was already familiar with, mainly because the cute charming clothes, usually featuring quirky prints and beautiful embroidery, had already caught my attention back in the days when I was still a student perusing a boutique stocked with Nordic fashion. Unfortunately the prices didn't agree with my meager budget, so I had to resort to mere browsing. Years later, I had almost forgotten about the label until a friend reminded me to check out their flagship in Stockholm. Which is exactly what I did.

odd molly stockholmSS10 campaign featuring Helena Christensen (images: Odd Molly).

odd molly stockholmFW10 campaign shot by Helena Christensen featuring Daisy Lowe (images: Odd Molly).

Those unfamiliar with Odd Molly will most likely find the brand name... well, odd. And that's the whole point. Founded by Karin Jimfelt-Ghatan and Per Holknekt in 2002, the idea behind the label wasn't just to create great looking clothes, but to make women feel great as well. 'Molly' being the symbolic name for a woman who doesn't really care what others think and rarely dresses to impress anyone but herself. The result is a clothing line that doesn't rely on trends or whatever the season's runway looks dictate, but instead gives women timeless beautiful clothes that are so charming and girly even the biggest tomboy will have a hard time ignoring some of the well-made pieces. And with Helena Christensen as the company's loyal spokesperson, it's not difficult to see why Odd Molly has quickly become a favorite brand for many - one that is now stocked in over 1500 retail locations and also boasts a skincare line in addition to a range of sunglasses.

odd molly stockholmOverview of the beautiful boutique from the ground floor (top image: Odd Molly).

odd molly stockholmThe stunning gilded closets (left) and various racks on the walls showcased the many pieces.

Knowing how colorful and cheerful the clothes were, I had a feeling the flagship would be special, but nevertheless I was still surprised by how overly adorable it turned out to be. The storefront alone was worth checking out, with its bright pink exterior and random handwritten musings scrawled along the windows and walls. More of that could be found indoors, but chances are, you'll be distracted by the beautiful combination of concrete, gold and wood that greets you once you enter the boutique. Delightful details such as the crystal chandeliers, vintage mirrors, old-fashioned lamps, retro wallpaper or the pink velvet seats make the entire shopping experience so much more pleasant. And as such, you'll feel like you're actually browsing someone's living room, rather than just another clothing store.

odd molly stockholmThe cash desk (left) and cute trinkets such as purses and cushions (top right), as well as sunglasses (lower right).

odd molly stockholmWhite dresses and blouses in a corner... and more accessories.

Not that the decor will keep you from looking at the clothes. As with most Odd Molly collections, the SS10 'Power of a Lover' range is vibrant, feminine and in this case seems to embody a 40s dance hall meets beach holiday theme. Chiffon silk, brocade, crochet, embellishments, lace or whatever else you fancy... it's highly likely you'll find the perfect piece for your wardrobe here. Though some of the stuff was a little too hippy or girly for my taste, I did fall for the simpler silk dresses and shorts or the floaty tunics. Thin camisole tanks or thicker cardigans made perfect basics and if you're looking to accessorize, there are some lovely belts or purses to choose from as well.

odd molly stockholmOverview of the corner niche (left image: Odd Molly) and more summery dresses.

odd molly stockholmLoved the vintage mirrors and lamps (right image: Odd Molly). Other goodies included crochet pieces and skincare items.

The ground floor was my favorite area, mainly because of the gilded wardrobes in the main section and the heavy oak furniture, complete with old bookshelves and a unique gift wrapping wall. But head one floor down and you'll find even more tempting items to choose from, including a large range of denim pieces, tracksuits, cozy jumpers and even a few suede booties. As for the quotes that could be found near the storefront, more of them were scattered on walls in the basement and the stairwell leading down to it.

odd molly stockholmOne floor down... the basement area.

odd molly stockholmMore quaint decor items such as the garden chair and Moroccan mirror (right). Scribbles and campaign photos could be found on various walls (left).

Even if you're not into the ultra girly charm that Odd Molly offers, I dare you not to fall in love with the boutique itself. Though once you're inside, you'll probably find it hard to resist at least picking up a few clothes to try on. Thankfully the Stockholm boutique isn't the only one out there. The company has just launched it's first U.S. store in LA and for more 'odd' goodness, many items can easily be found online via retailers such as Yoox or Bohemia.

odd molly stockholmHelena Christensen opening (right) and closing (left) the SS10 runway show (images: Odd Molly).

odd molly stockholmOther looks from the SS10 runway (images: Odd Molly).

Address: HumlegÄrdsgatan 13, 114 46 Stockholm
Opening Hrs: Mon-Fri: 10:00-18:30, Sat: 10:00-16:30

Odd Molly Homepage

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

World's Most Frightening Dolls

Here's another creepy doll beside Katja Doll, Chucky and this World's Creepiest Doll which is posted before on Crazy World.

Would you buy this dolls for your lovely kids? well i think if you love your children you won't buy them a dolls like this or take them to the island of the dolls one of the most horrifying places in the world.

These are the most frightening and weird looking dolls I have ever seen. I would not like to have one of these toys at home, because every time I look at these pictures I have chills running down my spine.

Source : Izismile

Monday, July 26, 2010

Omnivore Boy who Eat Anything

A Omnivore boy who eat anything from Indonesia. this poor boy could eat anything that he saw such as raw meat, powder, toothpaste a living insect and many things. It reminds me of the Chinese girls who eat dirt everyday. here's a story about this poor boy.

This is really a Strange phenomenon Eri, 7-year-old boy, from Sambiroto Hamlet, Jugo village, Mojo district, Kediri East Java Indonesia can be called a omnivores boy, because this kid hooked to eat and drink everything he saw. eri is listed as the fourth son of the couple Nuhari (44) and Warsiah (42) are known to have a rarity since the last two years. Since childhood Eri known to have a peculiarities, such as he is really happy when sprinkled by powder and eucalyptus oil.

“Before, he only happy when sprinkled with powder, but now he can even eat it,” said Warsiah. In addition to powder, eri also likes to eat soap, toothpaste, charcoal, incense, raw meat, red onion and white onion, drank the eucalyptus oil and used oil. This condition forced Warsiah to quit working, because she have to spend some extra time to keep her child.

“He can also eat a life insect that he caught and drink the used oil if he don’t get caught” added Warsiah. Warsiah said that she don’t know what is the caused for this weird behavior on her son eri. She just said “When he was one years old, a blood coming out with his feces until he reach 3 months. he’s often get a fever and seizures”

This peculiar conditions aggravated Eri on his ability to speak, until the age of 7 years he has not shown signs that he could speak. This is different from its physical growth, which occurred as the children on his age.

“Actually he’s not dumb, because occasionally he can say the father. But yes, if they prefer not to talk because it does not connect smoothly to talk,” said Warsiah.

currently eri spent his daily activity with strict supervision of his mother, while her father worked as a laborer and rubber tapping. Ironically supervision must be made very tight, because if eri don’t found his favorite goods on his home then the goods on neighbor house would be his next target.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mystical Katja Dolls from Russia

Still remember about the scary island of the dolls or the creepy toys which is posted before in Crazy World? we have another creepy doll stories here about Katja Doll from Russia.

Katja name was made in 1730 from one of the tsar mistress, it was told that the mistress was pregnant, like the other mistress dreams, this tsar mistress hope that she will gave birth a boy for the king, but unfortunately the mistress birth a defect girl baby. Then these baby was burned alive.

After these incident, the mother of a poor baby made a doll with the baby ash mixed with a porcelain and ceramics.

It was said that this Dolls are kept from generation to generation in Russia, and closely guarded. Allegedly because the doll can bring a curse, from newborn babies who suffer a fire burned.

There's a mystical stories about these dolls, it was said that if you stare at this dolls more than 20 seconds the curse katja dolls will blink. and if the dolls blink at you that means that there will be something bad happens to you. do you have enough brave to stare at this dolls more than 20 seconds??

Previously someone sell this dolls on ebay but his current thread was closed by ebay because ebay reported that there's so many weird incidents happen due to this mystical katja dolls.

Marni x Claude Caillol (Paris, France)

The other day, as I was wandering around my favorite department store Le Bon Marché, perusing the remaining sale items (final reductions are an evil thing...), I stumbled across a cute installation which (thankfully) distracted me from spending more money. Upon closer inspection, I realized I was looking at a collaboration between fashion house Marni and the French based artist and furniture designer Claude Caillol. There were a few furniture pieces as well as mannequin heads wrapped in red plastic, but any Marni fan will instantly zone in on the doll drawings that can be found on plastic cushions. An entire wall covered with more doll illustrations was visible in the background. A shame they weren't for sale!

marni claude caillol bon marcheOverview of the installation.

marni claude caillol bon marcheI'll have those PVC cushions and that necklace please...

marni claude caillol bon marchemarni claude caillol bon marcheMannequin heads featuring Marni sunglasses.

marni claude caillol bon marcheI need a wall like this.

But as some may know, there are wearable versions available for purchase. For FW10, creative director Consuelo Castiglioni invited Caillol to draw a few images which now adorn PVC bags, t-shirts and jersey dresses, so if you're loving these designs, head on over to your nearest Marni store or the official website where all these items are available now. I might just have to go back and steal a drawing off that department store wall...

marni claude caillol bon marcheDresses, t-shirts and bags from the Marni / Caillol collaboration for FW10.

marni claude caillol bon marcheThe 5 PVC bags featuring Caillol's designs for Marni.

P.S. Because I've been slow in responding to my favorite blogs, I've disabled comments for this post.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cat Prin - Cat Clothing Designer

Cat surely was a cute and funny animal moreover if you dress your cat with a funny costume, there's a special tailor for cats in japan. the name of these cat clothing designer was cat prin. you can dress your lovely cat with funny costume. here's the website of those Cat fashion designer. you can find many cute cat fashion such as hat for cat, blouse for cat and many more.

Cat Prin is a real cat tailor who believes cats look even more adorable when they’re dressed in funny costumes. Their models are indeed some of the cutest cats I’ve ever seen, all the cats on this website looks like the cat on Japanese anime.but the weirdest thing about his Cat Prin is the English translation of his website:

1. You need to dress a cat.

2. If a family and a cat become fortunate, you will take a commemorative photo!

3. If it finishes taking a photograph, you will make it remove clothes from a cat immediately. You will say then, without forgetting the language of gratitude to a cat.

Apparently he’s trying to say his clothes are mainly intended for taking photos, and should be taken off shortly after, but that’s pretty tough to say in English, when you’re using Google Translate. it seems japan also has a unique taste in fashion and many things. here's the funny cat costume from cat prin.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Creative Painting on Helmets

Bored with your old style motorcycle helmets? why don't you try this cool helmets style? all of this helmets has a creative painting that will make you laugh. there's a watermelon helmets, brain helmets and many more.

Generally helmets was used as a head protectors for all bikers, motorcycle helmet is a type of protective headgear used by motorcycle riders. The primary goal of a motorcycle helmet is motorcycle safety - to protect the rider's head during impact, thus preventing or reducing head injury or saving the rider's life. Some helmets provide additional conveniences, such as ventilation, face shields, ear protection, intercom. several country has their own standards for this motorcycle helmets.

So are you looking for a full face helmets or a open face helmets? this could be a great accessories for every bikers.