Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Homemade Lamborghini by Chen Jinmiao

We know that Lamborghini is one of the most expensive car manufacturer. when we can't afford to buy the real Lamborghini car so why don't we make our own Lamborghini? look at Chen Jinmiao. he has a dream to own a Lamborghini car since he was a kid and now he made his own homemade Lamborghini car.

Chen had dreamed of driving his very own Lamborghini, ever since he was a child. And when he became a skilled mechanic, this ambitious man decided it was time for his dream to become a reality. He downloaded the necessary blueprints, began searching and manufacturing the parts , and after a year’s work, he finally had his own yellow Lamborghini.

Chen Jinmiao, of Chenzhou, Hunan province, spent a total of about $3,000 on his home-made Lamborghini, and though it might not look exactly like the real thing, it has the wing doors that open upwards, and a top speed of 60 miles per hour

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Colors and Chandeliers chez Lanvin

Once again, apologies for the lack of posts but I just got back from London where I had little time or internet access. In any case, I'm ready to post again, starting with a long overdue Lanvin feature. After last month's super sexy displays, the fashion house has returned to what Alber Elbaz does best: whimsical and playful settings with the usual dash of ultra feminine pieces. This time around the windows had an added splash of color, thanks to the large transparent swatches that were placed near the center of each display. Furthermore, a collaboration with the esteemed crystal company Saint-Louis added a beautiful touch, as most windows were illuminated by some very impressive chandeliers.

For images of previous Lanvin windows, please click here.

Lanvin Homme

lanvin store windowlanvin store windowThe two main windows: lots of color, painted faces and frizzy hair.

lanvin store windowlanvin store windowThe red window. Top and bottom two images shot by day, middle image courtesy of Le Journal des Vitrines shows the lit chandelier by night.

lanvin store windowAnd one mannequin even lost his head...

lanvin store window
Lanvin Femme

lanvin store windowA glamorous get-together in the women's section.

lanvin store windowlanvin store windowVery chic in red. And I want that necklace.

lanvin store windowlanvin store windowNo chandeliers but lightbulbs do the job (lower right image: Le Journal des Vitrines).

lanvin store windowlanvin store windowThe pink window by day and night (lower right image: Le Journal des Vitrines).

lanvin store windowlanvin store windowlanvin store windowOne of the most impressive chandeliers on display (lower right image: Le Journal des Vitrines).

lanvin store windowThe minimalist window... but who needs a mannequin with that statement necklace? And yes, I want that as well.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Smallest Man in The World He Pingping

The Smallest man in the world which is listed on the Guinness Book of records was He Pingping.He Pingping, of China, who was 2 feet, 5.37 inches (74.6 centimeters) tall, had become a recognized figure across the world, often taking part in shows, photo shoots and other events, Guinness World Records said. If he pingping was listed as the World Smallest and Shortest man so he have to meet The World Tallest Man from China Zhao Liang.

Born in Inner Mongolia in July 1988, the size of 74.61 inches was due to osteogenesis imperfecta, a disease that has abruptly stopped its growth, from an early age. His status as “the smallest in the world” had made an international celebrity, traveling the world, loud and clear on the colors of his country of origin. The editor of Guinness World Records, Craig Glenday, said in tribute: “For a small man, he had a huge impact on the world.”

He Pingping, the world's shortest man, has died at the age of 21, AFP reports. Pingping was 2 feet, 5 inches tall. His death was announced by the a spokesman for the Guinness World records.

Pingping was filming a TV program called "The Record Show" in Italy when he developed chest problems, according to reports.

Born in China with a form of primordial dwarfism, Pingping was recognized as the world's shortest man in 2008.

"For such a small man, he made a huge impact around the world," Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday said, according to the BBC.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Luxurious House of Robert Mugabe in Harare

This Luxurious House was belong to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, this mansion was located in Harare. this might be one of the most luxurious house in Africa. at the first sight people will think that the one who own this luxurious house should be an American billionaire, or even a prince of Saudi. but this luxurious mansion was belong to Zimbabwe president. Robert Mugabe.

How could Robert Mugabe live on this luxurious house while his people starve, and die because of no medical help.... and we are asked to help his people over and over again he and his family live like this??

Here's the Picture of Robert Mugabe Luxurious Mansion in Harare.

We got this content from a forwarded email on our inbox mail.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Amazing Stunt of Li Dasheng Pull a Car with Eyelids

This Chinese Stuntman do the most extreme stunts by pulling a 1.5 tons car with his own eyelid. how come li dasheing pull those car by his eyelids?? Li Dasheng is known as one of the greatest Chinese performers. He's amazing stunt by pulling a car with his eyelids really amaze me.

Known as the “Prince of Stunts” , 22-year-old Li Dasheng is famous for being able to perform over 30 kinds of Qigong, an ancient Chinese meditation art, as well as several other stunts. On April 16, he shocked the audience, outside the Boying Art Museum, in Xuzhou, China, when he pulled a vehicle, with his eyelids.

The Chinese performer put 2 curved hooks, onto his lower eyelids, and attached them to the frame of the 1.5-ton-heavy car. He managed to pull the vehicle nearly three meters.

Some of Li Dasheng’s previous include having a drilling machine drill into his temple and ripping apart a metal basin, with his bare hands. well there's so many great stunt performed by a chinese people such as the stunt performed by Xiao Qinglian.

Here's another picture of Li Dasheng the owner of the World Strongest Eyelids.

Bloody Fountain in Bucharest

This Bloody Red Water Fountain was located in Bucharest Romania, this colored water fountain was make due to the increasing hemophilia case in that country. Hemophilia is a serious condition,and over 2,000 Romanians suffer from it. To draw some attention to the hardships the 2,000 Romanians suffering from this disease, have to go through every day, the Romanian Association for the Problems of Hemophilia colored the water fountains, in the center of Bucharest, bloody red.

Passers-by did in fact notice the red water flowing in the fountains, but it’s going to take a lot more than this to inspire them to help hemophilia victims.

Here's the Bloody Red Water Fountain for Hemophilia Victims in Bucharest Romania.