Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Painter Dolphin Xiaoqiang | World Smartest Dolphin

Xiaqiang might known as the smartest dolphin in this world, this dolphin could paint on a canvas. like we know Dolphins are smart, talented creatures,no doubt about that, but I had no ideas painting was one of their skills. with a lot of training this dolphin can be a great painter among animal world i think. well i'm sure that all of you won't miss the World Smartest Animal Ever which is posted here on the crazy world before.

Xiaoqiang, a dolphin from Qingdao, in China’s Shandong Province has learned to paint, under the guidance of his trainer. Looking at his work, I’d say he still has a long way to go before becoming the second Rembrandt, but he’s well on his way.

Here's another picture of the World Smartest Dolphin Ever who could paint on a canvas Xiaoqiang,

Monday, March 29, 2010

World Longest Chocolate Bar ever

This Chocolate made by Italian Local Chocolatier has break the Guiness World Records for the Longest Chocolate Bar ever. it was measured about 11,57 meter long. The world longest chocolate made by A Giordano was showed on Rivarolo Urban Center Near Turin Italy. there's so many people gather there to see the world longest chocolate bar ever

The record to beat was 6.98 meters, but A. Giordano, a local chocolatier, and his team outdid themselves and made an 11.57 meter-long chocolate bar. The event was sponsored by a Rivarolo shopping mall, who also brought in the Guinness representative to acknowledge the attempt.

As you can imagine, the crowd gathered during the event was treated to a delicious piece of chocolate delight. hmmm i can’t wait to taste this chocolate… must be yummy and delicious.. oh yeah don't forget to visit Chocolate Theme Park in Beijing and the Spooky Chocolate Human Body parts Chocolate.

Here's the Chocolate bar who break the Guiness World Records for the Longest Chocolate Bar ever

Lanvin & Other Windows (Paris, France)

No other boutique captures whimsical fun as much as Lanvin does when it comes to store windows. Which is one of the many reasons I keep posting them on a monthly basis (to view previous windows click here). So imagine my surprise when the recent displays didn't feature the usual cute and flamboyant mannequins but instead shoppers were greeted by what resembled a high-end strip club (albeit one where most participants were fully clad - in expensive clothes no less). A few days later, when the FW10 looks were finally revealed, it made more sense, seeing how the mannequins were sporting the same Cleopatra wigs as the runway models. Nevertheless I'm still not quite sure why Alber Elbaz chose to use the same styling for SS10 windows, but in any case, these definitely got some attention, especially as the dolls looked quite real in an almost creepy way. As I took most images during the day, I've borrowed the night shots from the fabulous Journal des Vitrines. As usual, larger versions of the photos can be viewed by clicking on them.

Lanvin Homme

lanvin boutique windows paris
A very 80s looking model on a rotating stripper pole platform...

lanvin boutique paris
Sorry for the awful reflection on the left, but hopefully you get the idea... a half-naked mannequin dancing around yet another pole.

lanvin windows paris
The two side-windows featuring more acrobatic guys on a rotating platform.

Lanvin Femme

lanvin paris
Main window: sultry women... just hanging out I guess? (above the night shot to give an idea of the red light).

lanvin boutique paris
Side Window Number 1.

lanvin paris
More sexy poses. If the girls wore less clothes, Lanvin could actually charge for this....

lanvin paris

lanvin paris
The remaining windows (shot during the day). These mannequins looked remarkably lifelike in person.

And for anyone who's still missing the more playful windows, here a short selection of other note-worthy displays in Paris this month:

Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton boutique paris
A small selection of the main windows of the primary flagship. I'm guessing most LV boutiques will have a similar display, but I loved the idea of the floating mannequin in the top right picture.

Below a very short video clip of the floating mannequin:

(video courtesy of Journal des Vitrines).


joseph boutique paris
The British retailer usually has some of the cutest windows. Here an adorable safari scene (note the curious giraffe, top left).


printemps window paris
A little spring fever thanks to Printemps.

Finally, I'd like to thank the following wonderful bloggers for giving me these lovely blog awards:

Meraldia and The Trendy Fashionista for the Sunshine Award

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And last but not least, Anya from Couture Millinery Atelier for the very chic Hats So Much Award which she created herself

I'd like to pass these awards to all my readers as there isn't just one person I'd like to thank but I'm grateful to all who find the time to stop by my blog. Wishing everyone a lovely new week!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

LMAO Off Broadway Musical Comedy Show

Are you one who has been working so hard recently and is planning to take a break from the daily stress from your job?? If so you have to go to this funny interactive musical comedy show that performed by LMAO Off Broadway.

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They perform every week with a fresh comedy that welcome many guest star on their show. The cast of LMAO delivers high energy, non-stop hilarity as it navigates today's hot topics (from slapstick silly to sophisticated wordplay) through original song and sketch comedy. You never know when a celebrity, politician or author will take possession of a performer provoking uproarious laughter from audiences of all ages. With sharp wit and improvisation.

If you love to watch a fresh parody of movies, music or even the fresh situation that happen today so you have to watch this funny groups consist of Walt Frasier, Spero Chumas and Laurice Fattal.

So what are you waiting for?? get their schedule now on their website and get the tickets for their upcoming show.

Links à la Mode

To tie you over until my next post (yes, I've been a lazy blogger lately), here a few great weekend links from the IFB community.

DIY Nation - edited by Fashion Pulse Daily

It seems that across the board, there has been a resurgence in DIY, as we are very much living in a world of ‘Do it Yourself’ everything; ranging from creating or updating or garments’ silhouettes and decorative details to showcasing our own versions of runway looks, virtually styling with tools like Polyvore, tackling self-photography, and of course self-publishing via our blog platforms. We reign supreme in the DIY world on a daily basis, and I only see this trend gaining momentum. The roundup of this week’s links is definitely an indication, directly and indirectly, of the incredibly creative, innovative, persevering, motivated folks that are part of the new DIY frontier, and of course, IFB!

  • Alex Loves - The Chanel Tattoo Cast
  • Alice in Stilettos - DIY Faux Fur Ankle Cuffs Inspired by Thakoon
  • Denim Debutante - How Would You Change the Denim Industry?
  • Despising Life is so Passé - Spring Cleaning: Detox your Space
  • Fashion Pulse Daily - The DYI Glue-On Pedicure: Reviewing Revlon’s Perfect Pedicure Kit
  • Fasshonaburu - Vyque & Alyssa review the “Project Runway” video game and give you a chance to win your own copy!
  • For Those About to Shop - Designer NADA’s Fashion future – how about a 3D film?
  • Haute World - My real life encouters with Balmain and an exclusive tour inside the label’s only boutique in the world.
  • Idiosyncratic Style - The Personal Style of Fashion Designer, Breeyn McCarney
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – Evolving Influence business, ethics, and the future of fashion blogging videos
  • Inny Vinny - See No Evil, Hear No Evil: Jezebel exposes photographer Terry Richardson
  • Lady Peach - The men that have shaped the fashion scene… 5 Male Style Icons
  • M.I.S.S. – Interview with Gabriela Hernandez, founder of Besame Cosmetics
  • Retro Chick - How Vanity Sizing is damaging your health
  • Shrimp Salad Circus - What does color do for your life?
  • Skinnypurse - Skinny Cargo Pants: Love Them or Hate Them?
  • Style Eyes - The Wang Effect – A discussion about the phenomenal popularity of all things Wang
  • Style Symmetry - Style Me Challenge! Wear an Outfit Styled By Someone Else
  • The Working Wardrobe – Show this rainy season who’s boss!
  • The Coveted – Do you alter vintage?
  • Tweet - Dark and intricately sculptural clothing by a young, Hungarian designer named Dora Mojzes with an amazing talent
  • Ventures of Jenn - Vice interviewed Karl Lagerfeld; I broke it down

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stylish Beggars in Asia

Wow i don't think that this asian beggar copy the style of those fashion models. but how come this asian beggar wears the same outfit of that models?? this really funny yo..

Remember about our previous past about the creative way to be a beggar and also the most beautiful beggar in the world which is posted so long ago in the crazy world?? well i hope this silly asian beggar could be the most fashionable beggar in the world ever.

Check this out the picture of the Most fashionable asian beggar ever.

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Massimo Dutti (Barcelona, Spain)

massimo dutti store barcelona
No, I'm not in Spain even though these wonderful Spring temperatures almost make me feel like I'm there again. I've been meaning to post about Massimo Dutti, not just because the pics I took during my trip to Barcelona last May have been sitting on my desktop for far too long (click here to view my other Barcelona finds), but because I've gotten a few requests from readers wanting to know more about Zara's 'older sister'. I was also inspired to post about this brand after a shopping trip two days ago when I was hoping to browse this season's newest trends. As fun as high street shopping can be, I found myself fighting my way through the crowds at Zara, followed by picking through heaps of clothing piled on tables or slipping off hangers on the overfilled racks and finally finding something that looked half decent only to realize it was paper thin or made of polyester (mind you, the label isn't all bad as I'm sure you know, but shopping there can be a pain) - all of this made me flee to it's sister brand, who's shop felt like an oasis and where peaceful browsing was actually possible. Despite ignoring the brand more than I should, I found so many beautiful and well-made items during this little outing, I felt it was time to do a little write-up on this label.

massimo duttiA few campaign looks from SS10 (images: Massimo Dutti).

It is fairly well known, at least in Europe, that the Inditex Group doesn't just own Zara but a number of other brands such as Bershka or Pull & Bear in order to cater to various target groups thus widening their portfolio. Massimo Dutti is one of the few brands that wasn't actually created by the corporation, but acquired by it back in 1991. Founded in 1985 Massimo Dutti, who's home is Barcelona (Inditex itself is based in the region of Galicia), where the headquarters still remain today, actually started out as a menswear retailer. As such, you can imagine that tailoring is one of the key strengths of the brand and while a women's range, as well as children's wear and baby clothing followed throughout the years, there's still a proud heritage when it comes to creating looks for the male consumer. It's probably why this is one of the few high street retailers that offers a personal tailoring service, where men can have a suit, shirt or other clothing items custom made for a fraction of what a bespoke tailor would charge (suits start at around 500 EUR). But since I'm not a guy, I have to focus on the women's range, which isn't too shabby either.

massimo dutti barcelonaCasual menswear on the ground floor.

massimo dutti barcelonaI had a thing for these spiral stairs... can you tell?

Just a word of caution - Massimo Dutti is the kind of brand that will look a lot more conservative than it is. I remember walking into one of their newly opened stores six years ago. My friend needed a new work outfit and I offered to come along. At the time, I had no idea this brand belonged to the Zara group. I actually thought they were Italian and the decor made me believe they were a designer brand - one with a very Ralph Lauren type of aesthetic. I was surprised by the pricing, which looked fair considering the materials consisted of silk, wool, cashmere or pure cotton. At first glance, I didn't see a single thing I liked. Even today, I have to walk past the initial few looks near the entrance, which usually include clothing in the country chic category. Perfect if you're the kind of gal who likes equestrian sports, sailing, golf or anything else associated with country club activities. There's also a lot of business attire, again a style which might not necessarily appeal to you. But take a closer look, and you'll find the knit dresses, cashmere cardigans, studded tops, sequined dresses and all the other goodies that make a girl's heart beat faster.

massimo dutti barcelonaCasual women's wear on the first floor. Lovely leather items included this jacket and the suede shorts from the ad campaign above.

massimo dutti barcelonaThey sure love their paisley and florals. Just some of the prints I sighted.

According to the marketing people at Massimo Dutti, their range caters to the "urban, practical, elegant and up-to-date woman who is proud of her brand name without being a slave to fashion trends". This might sound awfully generic and boring, but essentially you will find pieces reflecting a season's key looks, yet nothing will look too blatantly trendy, which means you can easily wear it a year from now. While H&M's more expensive sister COS relies heavily on simple minimalist looks, the Massimo Dutti range includes everything from sporty polo shirts to heavily embroidered evening dresses. Realizing that consumers are becoming increasingly discerning, Inditex didn't just want to offer better products, but the interiors reflect a more sophisticated vibe as well. While all store images were taken in Barcelona (and SS10 product shots were taken in Paris), it doesn't really matter because the decor is almost identical in every flagship. You'll find wooden floors, individual rooms or areas for each collection, plants, couches, elegant tables and clothes that are either carefully laid out or stacked neatly in shelves. The one thing this Barcelona location had that was remotely different, was the beautiful spiral staircase and a very high ceiling on the third floor, which made the store area feel particularly open and airy.

massimo dutti barcelonaBreton stripes were all around... including the comfy cardigan and a few embellished tees.

massimo dutti barcelonaIf you've had enough of the simple pieces, there are always some lovely leather bags to cast your eyes on.

Like Zara, Massimo Dutti has several collections ranging from the more casual everyday 'Women' looks, to the more elegant and striking 'Collection' pieces. A new selection titled 'Soft' includes home and sportswear, as well as lingerie. As expected, some of the key trends were clearly visible, such as the Breton striped items, some of which were spiced up with shoulder embellishments. I sighted a lot of paisley prints and florals, as well as a cute pair of suede shorts and matching suede and leather jackets (I've been told their leather pieces are some of the best). Jeans and simple shirts are abundant, as are tunics and day dresses and anything else you could need for a relaxing day out.

massimo dutti barcelonaThe 'Soft' collection consisting of home wear and other comfortable pieces.

massimo dutti barcelonaThe shoe section with a selection of flats, heels and boots. Jewelry is worth noting as well.

Extra attention should be paid to the accessories, especially the bags, which my purse-obsessed friend tells me are of great quality. While I'm used to seeing the usual soft leather bags, I was pleasantly surprised to find a large number of sequined clutches and totes. A few cool belts (studded and sequined) were available as well and even though I didn't see any shoes I loved this time, I've sighted some edgy reworked gladiator sandals and statement heels in the past. Jewelry can be found near the cash desk and on various counters. Usually kept in muted gold or brass tones, the beaded and jeweled pieces reflect a tribal hippie look, but smaller versions including pearls and other elements are suitable for the evening as well.

massimo dutti barcelonaMannequins chilling on the top floor. This is the most airy and spacious place in the boutique.

massimo dutti barcelonaA very snazzy zebra carpet and a few first looks from the more glam women's range, such as the sequined tops and this pretty lace dress.

If you're tired of casual items, heading to the 'Collection' section is a must. This is where I found the beaded, embellished and sequined pieces, ranging from vests, dresses and silk tunics to jackets and cardigans. Not everything was blinged up of course... I was tempted by a few beautiful knit dresses (in a silk/cashmere blend) with metal fastenings that gave it a more rock look. There were stripey blazers perfect for the recurring nautical trend and lace dresses that can take you from day to evening without much accessorizing.

massimo dutti barcelonaCarefully chosen decor and a neat layout on the top floor.

massimo dutti barcelonaMore sophisticated gear and perfect for Spring: a nautical blazer and a sequined vest.

massimo dutti barcelonaMore sparkly stuff to choose from, including purses, dresses, knits and tunics.

Pricing is of course higher than what Zara is asking for, I'd say on average most looks were 20-50 EUR more expensive, though you are getting quality materials and a better tailoring. Unlike other 'premium' retailers who ask for up to 300 EUR for a silk dress, the price/quality ratio is quite fair (the equivalent dress price was around 125 EUR, which at times even Topshop will charge), but if you're wary about spending that extra bit of money, I'd definitely recommend hitting up the store during sales.

massimo dutti barcelonaThe more elegant pieces in the basement level menswear department.

massimo dutti barcelonaThe 'Personal Tailoring' section with a few example of suits, shirts and trousers.

While Massimo Dutti does get busy during the weekends, it still offers a more enjoyable and relaxing shopping experience and the vibe of the store, while slightly conservative for some, is pleasant and very welcoming. Staff are friendly and always busy folding or putting away pieces, so everything is organized and tidy. The brand can easily be found in Barcelona and the store I visited was relatively large - four storeys high - and quite representative of their style, though the new flagship on Puerta del Angel is worth checking out as well. While they don't have an online store (yet), heavy expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Asia means you won't have to visit just Spain (though pricing is the best there) to find a store, but I'm guessing it makes a great excuse to drop by Barcelona if you get the chance.

massimo dutti barcelonaMore looks from the SS10 range (images: Massimo Dutti)

massimo dutti barcelonaAd campaign for Massimo Dutti 'Soft' (images: Massimo Dutti)

Address: Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes 609, 08007 Barcelona
Opening Hrs: Mon-Sat: 10:00-21:30
Massimo Dutti Homepage

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Chinese Engineer Make a Robot Cook

Liu Changfa the retired engineer from china made a simple robot cook from a rudimentary tools, like hammer and axe. really simple but powerfull. hope that this Robot cook can help you doing your kitchen work. here's a little story about Liu Changfa the chinese engineer who made this robot cook.

The Chinese inventor connected his robot cook to a laptop computer and a cellphone that allow to choose preset menus, or program it to cook certain dishes. Vinegar, salt, sugar and all other seasoning is stored in the robot’s chest, and the cooking takes place in its belly, where an induction cooker is installed. With the help of some dedicated software, the dedicated robot can be programmed to add a certain amount of seasoning, or stir a dish a certain number of times.

All Liu Changfa has to do is put the raw ingredients into the pot, and wait for the beeping sound, made by the robot. He has already contacted a Chinese restaurant, which will test the robot cook in its kitchen, and add robot dishes on its menu. More restaurants will shortly follow, says Liu Changfa.

Well, I’d wait a while before adding cooking to the list of automated fields, but this is definitely a step in that direction.