Saturday, February 27, 2010

Horror Version of Famous Fairy Tale

I'm sure that all of you was familiar with Cinderella characters since Cinderella fairy tale is one of the famous fairy tale all over the world. on the fairy tale it was told that cinderella is a beautiful girls who work as a maid for her step mother.The moral of the story is that beauty is a treasure, but graciousness is priceless. Without it nothing is possible; with it, one can do anything.

One day the Prince invited all the young ladies in the land to a ball so he could choose a wife. As the two Stepsisters were invited, they gleefully planned their wardrobes. Although Cinderella assisted them and dreamed of going to the dance, they taunted her by saying a maid could never attend a ball.

As the sisters swept away to the ball, Cinderella cried in despair. Her Fairy Godmother magically appeared and vowed to assist Cinderella in attending the ball. She turned a pumpkin into a coach, mice into horses, a rat into a coachman, and lizards into footmen. She then turned Cinderella's rags into a beautiful gown, complete with a delicate pair of glass slippers. The Godmother told her to enjoy the ball, but return before midnight for the spells would be broken.

OK now how if the beauty of cinderella was paint in horror?? all the image below was the horror version of a world famous fairy tale character such as mulan, snow white, princess jasmine and several other famous fairy tale character.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Real Lizardman From India - Navratan Harsh | Indian Lizardman

Well several days ago we talk about kumar paswan who is known as the indian boy with seven limbs. now we got another bizarre man from India. he is Navratan Harsh, this teenagers from india was called as the real lizard man. uurgh it's really disgusting when i see a lizard on his face. how can Navratan stand out of those disgusting lizard??

Meet Navratan Harsh, a 21-year-old from Bikaner, Rajasthan state, India, with a bizarre passion for animals, especially Geko lizards.

Navrathan has been fascinated by lizards, ever since he was a young boy and one fell in his lap, at school. Ever since then, he has spent most of his days feeding and playing with his scaly friends, and even letting them crawl on his face. Around his village, Navratan Harsh is known as Gecko King and Mowgli, because of his close connection with wildlife.

Unlike other boys his age, who spend most of their time partying and getting drunk, Navratan searches for lizards, plays and trains them, and them lets them go free. He says he feels no pain or fear when lizards bite his face…Creepy stuff!

Insurance companies are hiking the rates for auto insurance

2009 turns into 2010, the winter ice and snow has been particularly hard this year. It even affected Florida which shows how climate change is related to local weather patterns. Needless to say, the number of traffic accidents has been at an all-time high. No-one is ever ready for ice on the roads. Yet, all round the country, ice is coming through the mail boxes. The insurance companies are sending out notices chilling our desire to drive - premium rates are being hiked. And this time, it's not just a few percent. In most states, it's averaging at around 10%. So we are not talking peanuts. This is serious money while the US is in recession and millions of people are out of work. What's the result? If it comes down to a choice between food on the table and an insurance policy, food wins every time. Everyone has to eat and everyone needs a vehicle - even in the bigger cities, public transport is a joke. So, when push comes to shove, more people will drive uninsured. That's bad news for the rest of us. Our premiums will rise with fewer policy holders sharing the rising costs of claims. If only the insurers would hold the premiums steady, more people could pay, and rates would stay lower for longer. If only. . .

So why are insurance companies hiking the rates? There are two common problems. The first is the broken healthcare service. Whenever there's a more serious traffic accident, most people go to hospital. The obvious injuries are treated. Bodies are examined to ensure there are no other injuries. Except, the moment anyone steps through the door of a hospital or clinic, the medical expenses meter starts to run. Despite the recession, the drugs industry and healthcare service suppliers have been increasing their prices. There have been some high-profile disputes between insurers and hospital groups in California and Connecticut. The current fight is between the Continuum Health Partners of New York and United Healthcare. The hospitals have agreed pay increases with the labor unions, new technology is expensive to instal and operate. They want more money. The insurer is looking for a reduction in charges of between 7 and 10%. It's painful to admit but, in this fight, the insurers are actually protecting us policy holders.

The second problem is equally easy to explain. When we claim, the insurer should have the money to pay. This money comes from cash reserves and all the different state Insurance Departments monitor the amounts held to ensure there's always sufficient set aside. It's standard for insurers to hold this money on investment so, when the recession came, they were slow to move out of stocks and bonds, and all the larger insurers lost a slice of their capital. Commissioners are offering their local insurers a choice. Either reduce the number of people holding policies or add more to your cash reserves. This forces companies to raise premiums and so, sadly, it's getting more difficult to find affordable auto insurance. Even with the use of this site's excellent search engine, it's hard to find policies with lower rates. When you get the multiple auto insurance quotes, check through to find those with lower premiums. For good terms, look at the discounts available from these companies. Think about accepting a higher deductible. Using the auto insurance quotes as a starting point, negotiate directly with the insurers. Affordable policies are out there. You just have to work harder to find them.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UMA MIY (Hong Kong)

uma miy hong kong
There seems to be a certain irony in the fact that in a city like Hong Kong, where Louis Vuitton is more ubiquitous than Zara, you can spend a ton of money on high end goods and still end up wearing the same outfit as everyone else. When luxury goods, which back in the old days were meant to be exclusive, no longer are (except perhaps for the price factor, which few locals seem to have an issue with), you can't help but crave something a little more unique, especially in a country that doesn't embrace vintage shopping. Even though I've complained about the lack of local designers in HK, quite a few of them have popped up with their own little stores, and the most popular area for emerging talent seems to be Central's Soho area. I had been following the label Among Strangers for a while, and when I discovered that the brand's founder Grace Yow had opened a small boutique that sells not only her own designs but also stocks other harder to find labels, I knew I had to pay it a visit.

among strangersA selection from Among Strangers' FW08 lookbook (images: Among Strangers). For some odd reason these are the most current pics available.

The store's name UMA MIY, derived from the Japanese word "unami" - an "elusive fifth taste, denoting something with its own character, rather delicious, yet indescribable" - pretty much sums up the kind of style and fashion Yow was going for when she decided to open her own store. Tired of the same old brands, which can be found on every HK street corner, she made it her mission to scour the London, NYC and Paris fashion scenes to bring locals a more distinctive and edgier selection of clothing and accessories, with which discerning fashion lovers could better individualize their look. Having graduated from New York's Parsons School of Design, she also completed a three year stint designing both women's and menswear in a Manhattan studio. Her love of sharp lines and flattering silhouettes is evident in Among Strangers - a range of clothing that contains both menswear inspired tailoring and feminine draping.

uma miy hong kongTop: Entrance to the store on the first floor (image: UMA MIY). Bottom: The first shelves near the entrance, incl. shoes, a vintage sewing machine, bags and belts.

The boutique is situated on a small street in the middle of the bustling financial district. Surprisingly this alley is never that busy, despite the flagships that have landed here in recent times (everyone from Louboutin to Ann Demeulemeester can be found here). Nevertheless, you'll have to know the address to locate UMA MIY. In a city where retail space is a luxury, this store is located on the first floor of what looks like an office building. The very unsexy shot at the top of this post will give an indication of how well hidden it is, and it didn't really help that scaffolding obscured the view of the storefront (not that anyone every really looks up when window shopping). Accessible only by elevator, the store itself is unexpectedly quaint. Sleek white furniture, a few rococo elements as seen on the mirrors or stucco walls and old fashioned props, such as the leather sofa or vintage sewing machine, give the interior a modern yet inviting atmosphere. The shop is relatively tiny, but full of fantastic things to browse, so you might just end up spending more time here than expected.

uma miy hong kongOverview of the store from the front (top) with it's beautiful ceiling, and a few Camilla Skovgaard heels (bottom).

uma miy hong kongApproaching the first rack of clothes (left) and the charity travel pouches for Mother's Choice, which were designed by the children themselves (right).

There was only one SA present, who was very helpful and in general you can pretty much expect a personal shopper experience when you arrive. Occasionally Yow herself will be in-store and you can rest assured that all stock is hand selected by the designer herself. The first few pieces I saw included colorful dresses by Josh Goot, darker flowy pieces by A.F. Vandervorst and a cool edgy range of Meadham Kirchhoff and Ohne Titel clothing. In collaboration with local children's charity Mother's Choice, UMA MIY is also selling a selection of cosmetics bags, with all proceeds benefiting the good cause.

uma miy hong kongMore clothes and accessories towards the windows (left), which is where I found these lovely knits (right).

uma miy hong kongOverview of the store from the back (top, image: - note the stunning wall details - and more beautiful garments, incl. this lattice dress.

While most of the clothes can be found on either side of the room towards the wall, the more tempting items are displayed in a few of the shelves and on the center table. Yow has managed to procure some very eye catching and droolworthy pieces, most notably the fetish inspired leather cuffs, corset belts and very hyped cross-body bag with a shoulder piece (as seen on Rihanna) by London label Fleet Ilya. In addition, I spied a wide range of clutches and jewelry by Parisian label Nuit N12 (a favorite among performers such as Beth Ditto) and something that's bound to appeal to your inner goth. And if that's not enough to personalize your look, you should get hold of the beautiful body jewelry from Bliss Lau, which will transform any simple outfit into a a stunning statement piece. Thankfully the Bliss Lau items can also be purchased directly online.

uma miy hong kongThe center table full of jewelry and bags (lower left). It also featured the Fleet Ilya, Bliss Lau and Nuit N12 catalogs (top). Below right, a detailed shot of the elaborate shoulder piece that's part of the iconic Fleet Ilya bag.

nuit n12 fleet ilyaA selection of edgy pieces by Nuit N12 (right column & bottom left, i.e. anything with a skull on it) and Fleet Ilya (everything else - images: Fleet Ilya, Nuit N12).

For shoes and bags, a nice range of items from Camilla Skovgaard and Andrea Brueckner is available as well. Suspended from above, a few more dresses hang by the window and some of the tops and knits are laid out for easier browsing. I was enamored by the watercolor prints of Cathy Pill's designs, while the quirky motifs of Swash were a little too bold for my taste... until I saw the scarves.

uma miy hong kongAnother view of the boutique (top, image: UMA MIY) and more lovely items, such as the watercolor dress, along with another Fleet Ilya belt (left) and colorful scarves from Swash (right).

cathy pill swashA selection of cheerfully bright looks from Cathy Pill (top right, lower left) and Swash (the rest - images: Cathy Pill, Swash).

Last but not least, I did of course take a look at the Among Strangers range and was not disappointed. The modern pieces are more simple and subtle than over the top, but it is Yow's philosophy that her customers will find their own inspiration and self-expression by wearing her clothes and letting their own personality shine through. The very cool tuxedo jacket with it's misplaced lapels was edgy yet chic and the silk dresses fit the body like a second skin but still retained their sophistication. The attention to detail was what I loved the most - not immediately visible, but once you took a closer look, you'd notice the asymmetric hemline or cut-outs on the side.

uma miy hong kongA slightly more colorful palette of clothes, taken during the Summer (top image:, an edgy tuxedo jacket with asymmetric lapels (lower left) and a dress featuring a Bliss Lau body chain (lower right).

bliss lauA selection of body jewelry from the Bliss Lau lookbook (images: Bliss Lau).

A lot of the items you see here aren't just hand selected and difficult to find elsewhere, but are of the best quality (in many cases also handmade), so even if the price hurts your eyes at times, you are getting your money's worth. Definitely a more unique fashion experience in a city that's obsessed with big name brands and if you're not in Hong Kong anytime soon, many of the labels mentioned in this post can be found in smaller boutiques around the world.

among strangersA selection of the SS07 and FW07 range from the Among Strangers lookbook (images: Among Strangers).

Address: 9 On Lan Street, 1st Floor, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hrs: Mon-Sat: 11:00-20:00, Sun: 12:00-18:00
UMA MIY Homepage

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making health insurance cheaper for small businesses

Health insurance spendings account for a large part of business activity costs, and their share is especially large with small businesses and home-based enterprises. And with the continuous trends in rates increase it's getting harder and harder for small enterprises to carry this burden, causing many small businesses to drop health coverage benefits altogether.

A recent study conducted by the Commonwealth Fund in New York has concluded that small businesses tend to pay 18% more for health insurance than their larger counterparts all across the country. That's because large enterprises have a better negotiating power due to larger numbers of workers to be insured. Having that in mind, being despaired about the thing won't help your small business much. About 60% of 46 million people in the US who have no health insurance coverage are employed by small enterprises and these numbers keep on growing. Such tendencies are no good news for small businesses, because qualified and better workers tend to pay much attention to health benefits at the enterprise and not having them lowers your chance of attracting workers who will help develop your business better.

In order to cope with the Catch 22 situation here, you have to learn how to minimize your healthcare costs and provide your employees with the benefits they deserve. Here are some tips on how to get exactly what you need:

1. Keep the workers healthy. Instead of fighting the consequences and paying for costly medical coverage, you can invest into your workers' health and promote different wellness programs at your business. Introduce regular screenings, check-ups and promote a healthy lifestyle by offering your employees free gym sessions or other benefits. It's much easier to prevent a disease rather than treat it.

2. Lower the coverage. Larger coverage amounts lead to higher premiums and a logical solution for this would be lowering the coverage. You can also ask your employees to partially contribute to the premiums if they want to keep the initial coverage amounts. Of course, this would be quite unpopular among your employees but if your small business insurance plan is in question you have to consider going with such unpopular measures.

3. Think about HSAs. Health savings accounts are gaining popularity amongst small business owners as they provide more flexibility and tax benefits than typical health insurance options. HSAs combine high-deductible health insurance plans with tax-free savings accounts, making the premiums you have to pay lower, and providing more saving options to your employees. And the fact that all withdrawals are tax-free makes it a great option for those who want to get great small business insurance health coverage without constraining the enterprise's budget.

4. Team up with other small businesses. You can join an association or buying union who other local small businesses in order to gain better rates. Such associations provide small enterprises the bargain power of big companies because when combined, such groups have a large number of employees to be insured which eventually leads to more competitive premiums compared to going off alone. Member fees are usually quite low with such groups while the benefits are great, so think about joining one of you have in your area. This might give you good rates on other forms of small business insurance as well.

Kumar Paswan | India Boys with his Parasitic Twins

This Octo Boy from india has his own twins in his wombs. well it's really weird, maybe this is the first case in the medical history of the twins in the wombs. Kumar Paswan has a difference with the other boys in his ages. Kumar Paswan has his twins inside his wombs. but unfortunately the miraculous twins that lays on Kumar's Wombs has stopped developing,

To some in his remote Indian village he is a living version of India's multi-limbed God Lakshmi and worshipped every day as holy. To others eight-year-old Kumar Paswan is a monster, is stoned on sight and forced to hide away his astonishing medical condition. But all the tragic youngster wants is to be normal and has launched an appeal for the thousands of pounds needed for an operation to remove his parasitic twin.

The twin stopped developing in the womb before it separated fully from Kumar and has left him with seven limbs. "When he was born the doctors said he wouldn't live long but here he is and apart from how he looks he is very healthy," said his dad Veeresh Paswan, of Bihar, eastern India. "I am tired of being different. I just want to live normally," added the youngster.

These photos are of eight year old Kumar Paswan from a remote Indian village who has an astonishing medical condition. He was born with a parasitic twin. The twin stopped developing in the womb before it separated fully from Kumar and has left him with seven limbs. He has launched an appeal for the thousands of pounds needed for an operation to remove the parasite

Veeresh womb Paswan limbed twin operation parasitic separated youngster seven Bihar wouldn Kumar limbs normally Indian tragic Lakshmi appeal pounds

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Safety Products by Traffic Cones

Have you ever pass the crowded place in the road? sometimes when we passed a crowded or even a place of accident. we can see a traffic barricade that give you a warning that the place is under construction. there's any other usage of this traffic barricade. this traffic barricade will give you a traffic control in the road.

There's a site in the internet that provide you a collection of traffic safety equipments. it's on trafficcones dot us. this provide many products related to safety equipments for road side job or even a construction site. i think that almost every people know and understand the traffic sign given by the police. moreover if a police officer swing a warning flags that means the road that is an accident happen in that road. when road work is being done, construction workers, in high visibility gear, may be directing motorists in another direction to follow a detou

usually cone-shaped markers that are placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner. we can find many traffic cones in the road or in the intersection. So if you want to look many safety traffic products why don't you just log on into and then find your safety traffic products and choose the type of them. you can get a high quality safety traffic products in trafficcones with an affordable price,

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Lanvin February Windows (Paris, France) & Awards

Lanvin's theme for February revolved around love - perhaps fitting for the month that includes Valentine's Day. But that was probably more of a coincidence, as the fashion house has been busy promoting it's 'Blanche' range in various department stores the past few weeks. And what better way to show off the beautiful white dresses than to give window shoppers a cute and whimsical wedding display, complete with speech bubbles and dramatic poses. What makes these windows even more charming, is the collaboration with Vespa, who provided scooters and a mini van. Considering it takes some girls up to two years to plan their nuptials (I've never understood this), I think Lanvin did pretty well organizing a mannequin wedding within two working days...

For anyone who's missed previous Lanvin windows - you can check them out here.

Lanvin Homme

lanvin boutique paris windowsNot sure why he's calling the other guy 'Mary'...

lanvin boutique paris windowsHelmets come courtesy of Vespa as well and all scooters are adorned with 'Just Married'.

lanvin boutique paris windowsSpeech bubble: 'Oh Lanvin!'.

lanvin boutique paris windowsThe two mannequins were located on a rotating disc on top of the illustrated cake.

lanvin boutique paris windows
Lanvin Femme

lanvin boutique paris windowslanvin boutique paris windowsMain window, incl. a few detail shots. A wind machine was on, to allow the veil (left image) to flutter in the breeze.

lanvin boutique paris windowsI first thought this was a full mannequin, but only found a pair of legs dressed in a skirt...

lanvin boutique paris windowsSo much cooler than being driven in a limo...

lanvin boutique paris windows
lanvin boutique paris windowsNot exactly a wedding or engagement ring, but I'd take it as well!

lanvin boutique paris windowslanvin boutique paris windows
In the spirit of love and all things nice, I received a few awards in the past few months, which I keep forgetting to post. Apologies it took so long, but better late than never!

Starting off, I received a Glamorous Blog Award from the ever so stylish Hanh from Life In Travel:

The lovely Nina from Ballerina's Closet Obsession gave me the One Lovely Blog Award:

And this Kreativ Blogger Award came from the wonderful F from The Very Subjective:

I'd like to share these three awards with all my readers and fellow bloggers, as I do find it hard to pick just a few glamorous, creative and lovely blogs, considering all of you fit this criteria. Thank you to all for these awards!

Last but not least, the fabulous Trendy Fashionista handed me the Happy 101 award, which comes with a tag. Again, thank you for this award!

The tag requires me to make a list of 10 things that make me happy, so here we go:

  1. Sunny warm weather. Spring/Summer I miss you. Please come now.
  2. Freshly brewed coffee.
  3. The scent of jasmine.
  4. Scarves - anything from silk to cashmere.
  5. My laptop - (a Mac of course). The most well behaved machinery I own.
  6. When there are no lines at the supermarket cash desks.
  7. Chocolate, caramel and anything sweet (fruit doesn't count).
  8. Leisurely walks through the city or country side.
  9. Shoes (you knew this was coming).
  10. Finding an item I've coveted at a huge discount.

I'd like to pass on this award + tag to the following fantastic blogs (in no particular order):

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!