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Scott Moore the Pregnant Man will Born a Baby

A transgender couple have revealed they are expecting their gives birth first baby in a month’s time. Scott Moore- thought to be only the second ‘pregnant man’ to go public - is due to give birth to a boy in February, with husband Thomas by his side.Wiki

The couple were both born girls and have undergone surgery to transform their sex. Scott, 30, who is legally married to Thomas because he still has a female birth certificate, says he is eagerly looking forward to giving birth.

They have decided to call the child ‘Miles’. ‘We know some people will criticise us but we are blissfully happy and not ashamed,’ Scott said. The couple, from California, already have two children - Gregg, 12, and Logan, 10 - who Thomas had with a previous female partner.

The case is similar to that of Thomas Beatie, from Oregon, who made headlines around the world in 2008 when he gave birth to a girl.

Scott, who started out in life as a girl named Jessica, first realised he wanted to be a man when he hit puberty aged 11. ‘When I told my family they thought I was crazy but they gradually realised I was serious and allowed me to start taking male hormones when I was 16 years old,’ he said.

His parents paid £4,600 for Scott to have his 36DDD chest removed. However, he could not afford the gender surgery, so still has female organs. Thomas, who used to be called Laura, had a hysterectomy and gender reassignment surgery last year

They met in 2005 at a support group meeting for transgender men but lost touch – but saw each other again in 2007. ‘We knew we had to be together,’ Scott said. ‘Two months later I gave up my job to live with Thomas and the boys.

‘Now they call me “dad two”.’The couple, who live in a four-bedroom house, decided in December 2008 to try for a baby. Scott was inseminated with the sperm of a male friend and fell pregnant in June 2009.

‘We were so happy we did what all gay men do when they get excited - we went shopping,’ Thomas said. The couple have dismissed concerns that Miles might be teased at school, saying they are confident they can deal with it.

‘We've been through it already,’ Thomas said. ‘My son Logan was bullied but now he just says to teasers: “You may have a problem with my two dads but I don't so you're not hurting me”.’

Scott plans to have a natural birth at their local hospital. Their doctor and obstetrician have told the medics at the local hospital. ‘We didn't want everyone to be shocked when a man turns up to give birth,’ Scott said.‘We found it very difficult to get a doctor and midwife at first. It was hard when people didn't want to treat me.

‘No pregnant person should be denied healthcare just because they are a man.’ But he added: ‘I'm looking forward to giving birth now. With Thomas at my side everything will be just fine.’

Thomas said: ‘We want to show the world that trans-families can be healthy, loving and nurturing.’

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World Most Expensive Taxi

Taxi or cabs are one of the essential part of the city transportation system ride. They provide the service to driving people to their destination. Different country has different design of the taxi or cabs.

Below are some of the luxury and the most expensive taxis around the world. The ultimate purpose is to create a comfortableness for the passengers, to enjoy the first class city trip from one location to another. Customers will end up with the unforgettable memory on enjoying the drive and the highest price they need to pay for the taxi’s fee fare.

Planning to meet your family's health needs

As you grow up, you take your parent's health plan for granted. There always seems to be enough money around to pay for the treatment you need. Then comes the magic birthday. Suddenly you are 18 and you can start making your own decisions. Yet, there seems little incentive. You are fit and healthy. Why bother? Well, if there is no job with a health package thrown in, the earlier you begin paying into a private health plan, the more money builds up to your credit with that insurer. Over time, you will pay less because of that accumulated value. If you wait until you are older and the probability of poor health is higher, the premiums will start at a higher number. That said, the majority of people put off getting a plan until children are on the way. Perhaps paranoia comes with being a parent, but it's surprising how often you take your children to see the doctor. This is very expensive if you are uninsured. More generally, it's also worth remembering that everyone lives longer these days. Having a health plan in place from a young age gives everyone the best value coverage.

The reality of children is a strain on your household budget. Until they arrive, you have no real idea just how expensive they are going to be. That means finding a health plan offering the maximum coverage and paying as much of the expenses as possible. There will be little slack in your budget and you do not want to hit your savings every time you see a physician or need to buy medication. Suppose you have agreed to a high deductible or the levels of copayments and out-of-pocket expenses is capped on the high side, you might have to delay treatment until you have saved enough to pay. You might not be able to afford the price of the must-have drugs. If you have to watch your children getting sicker, this is going to increase your stress and anxiety levels. It's a source of poor health for you. But if you have put a good family health plan in place, you can sleep better at night and, if the worst happens and a claim has to be made, you can focus on what's important - getting the children well again - without having to worry about finding the money to do it.

With the right planning, you can find affordable family health plans. To start, you need to define your needs and do a little calculation. What coverage do you and your dependents need? What can you afford to pay as instalments? What savings do you have? It's possible you can pay for visits to the doctor and reserve the coverage to hospital-based treatment. Only when you know what combination of cover you need and what you can afford to pay, can you ask for health insurance quotes. Once you have the quotes, take the time to work through them. If any of these health insurance quotes are unclear, pick up the telephone or send e-mails asking for more information. Insurance companies exist to profit from the policies once sold. Before you buy, they are anxious to help. When you have the best information possible, decide on the plan to give you peace of mind.

Planning renovation work

Although it may seen odd to talk about spending money on your property during a recession and a credit crunch, this is the time when you may be most at risk if you start changing things around. Let's start with a simple question. One of the results of this downturn has been a dramatic increase in the level of unemployment. So many more people have either found their hours cut or they are out of work. But what to do? The bills are still there to be paid. The obvious answer for some is to start running some kind of business from home. Even if your efforts only produce a few dollars of profit a week, that's a few dollars more than you would have had. Except that's changing the use of a part of your home from residential to commercial. So think about what business you might try. It might be turning your kitchen into a catering operation to sell cakes and cookies. You might look to do some woodworking in the garage. Your spare bedroom might become a home office. The idea is to convert an existing hobby or skill into money. Except your home is currently insured as a residence. Adding in commercial woodworking or cooking operations may increase the risk of fire. More people may come into your home to buy goods or services. If they are injured by slipping on your floor tiles or tripping over a loose carpet, are you covered against third party liability claims? So here comes the headline: always tell your insurance company if you are going to change the use of your home. If you do not, the insurer could refuse to pay out on any claims!

Another possible way of raising money is to convert a part of your home into a self-contained flat and rent it out. That rental income could make a big difference when it comes to paying those monthly bills. Except that your policy will be limited to occupation by you and your family. Almost all policies have terms requiring you to tell the insurer if you increase the number of occupants. Again, failure to alert the insurer will lead to a refusal to pay out on claims.

Finally, let's say you have a little cash but negative housing equity. In better times, you would have traded up and purchased a bigger home. Now the best option looks to be adding to or renovating your home - being forced to stay does not mean the building must stay small and uncomfortable. Now remember the rebuilding value you declared when you got your home insurance quotes. That was the price per square foot of putting your home back into its then condition. If you increase the size and quality of your home, the price per square foot of reinstatement also goes up. You must tell your insurer about the proposed increase in value and whether any changes in the materials used will affect the risk, e.g. using more wood will increase the risk of fire, replacing a wood-burning stove with central heating reduces the risk. Remember home insurance quotes are only good for the home as you had it. Always tell your insurer when you change the size or building materials used.

Weird Couples | Unbalanced Couples

Wow, how come this man handle this giant woman?? this couple could be called as the Weirdest couple ever. the tiny guy and huge girls. wow really unbalanced. i wonder if the man could handle that huge woman in the bed?? well we have another picture set of Huge woman here on Crazy world before such as the Fat isn't Beautiful.

That old adage seems to be true as does the one that says that there is someone for everyone. So what difference does size or weight make anyway? Much the same as age difference, it would appear not much. If two people are happy together why should physical characteristic or chronological differences make in a relationship. It is all about what one person sees in another, not about what the rest of see in them. All that really matters is what makes them happy. In fact, if they are happy we should be happy for them, right?

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COS (London, UK)

cos clothing london
A while ago, I featured Reiss, one of the oldest premium high street retailers on the market, and mentioned how other big chains had started recognizing the trend for better quality collections by launching additional brands in their portfolios. Zara's Inditex group has long been a master of adding labels that cater to virtually any target group out there and its most high-end line Massimo Dutti has long proved to be quite successful in Europe. H&M followed this move in 2007, when it created COS, short for 'Collection of Style', opening the first store in London's Regent Street in March that year. The goal wasn't to replace H&M, but to give consumers the option of 'trading up' or targeting shoppers who would never set foot in the sister brand's store.

cos clothingA few looks from the FW09 campaign (images: COS).

According to Rebekka Bay, Creative Director of women's wear at COS "the focus is quality in terms of the fabrics, fit and finish. It’s ready-to-wear level design at high street prices." Meaning that COS provides an alternative to luxury brands rather than the cheaper retail chains, giving those, who would prefer to stock up on investment pieces but don't want to break the bank doing so, a great substitute. For those who are sick of clothing that falls apart after a few months, dislike the fact that most things you buy end up being worn by half the population or simply want something that won't go out of fashion within a month, COS is one of the best places to go.

cos clothingStructured and draped pieces - FW09 campaign (images: COS).

I must confess though, the first time I visited COS at the launch of its new store in Hamburg, Germany - an opening that was incredibly hyped - I was severely disappointed. All the clothes looked rather bland and shapeless to me. I viewed them as too 'grown-up' and in some cases the look was too 'office wear' for my taste. Subsequent visits cemented this view in my mind and it wasn't until a stylist I worked with confided that this was the brand of choice for magazine editors seeking an outfit for Fashion Week, I actually went in the store and tried on dresses and jackets for the first time. Apparently the secret to COS... like most labels that focus more on tailoring than embellishments, is that the clothes don't look like much on the hanger, but unfold their beauty once worn. The boring dress turned out to hug every curve just perfectly, the weird structured coat looked like something Jil Sander designed and the potato sack top actually had a slimming effect. I left the store with two big shopping bags and have been a fan ever since.

cos store londonOverview of the store as seen from the entrance (left image: COS).

cos clothing londonMonochrome pieces range from basics to more standout looks, such as the rhinestone jacket (top) and studded dress (lower right).

The first London flagship isn't just the oldest store, but also the one that best captures the typical interiors you'll find when paying COS a visit, which is why I chose to feature this location over the Paris boutique. Putting William Russell - who's clients include big names like Alexander McQueen - in charge of the store design was another step in creating a more luxurious shopping experience. While everything looks quite sleek and simple, you won't find tables cluttered with unfolded tops, racks that are overfilled and difficult to browse or shelves that are crammed so close together you keep bumping into the shopper next to you. The wooden furniture, leafy plants and spacious seating areas give off a contemporary yet welcoming atmosphere, while the big windows allow for a mostly natural store lighting.

cos clothing londonView of the cash desk (left) and the more colorful section towards the back (right).

cos clothing londonThe jewelry shelf near the cashier (left) and more formal looks in another corner (right).

Unfortunately many of COS' lookbook or campaign images might give the feeling the collections are a little serious or uninteresting, which is why I did my best to capture a few of their statement pieces as well. While bigger chains tend to embrace the most easy to copy trends, whether it's studs, big shoulders or animal prints, COS has chosen a general aesthetic for its collections, striving for looks that are reminiscent of the aforementioned Jil Sander (structured coats and jackets), Martin Margiela (asymmetric dresses and loose knits), Dries van Noten and Marni (colorful modern prints) and Yohji Yamamoto (clean, cool, sport chic clothing). Whether it's reinvented classics or the latest trends, all the pieces have a modern and understated edgy feel to them, with a preference for soft natural fibres and luxurious materials.

cos clothing londonThe perfect place for your bored male partner... the very modern seating area overlooking Regent Street (right image: COS).

cos clothing londonHeading on up... more chic clothing including the soft gray ruffled top.

Even though muted colors in black, gray, navy or khaki my initially dominate the floor space, there are plenty of printed dresses, bright knits and colorful Breton striped tops. As expected, I sighted many sharply tailored suits and structured coats, but heading towards the back, I also found rows of slouchy pullover dresses, ruffled tops, draped skirts and elegant evening gowns. The jewelry section is fairly small but always popular and the matte silver chain necklaces adorned most mannequins, though I was more fascinated by the cool chain mail pieces. COS also offers menswear and items for children, and one floor up I found a small area filled with lingerie and home wear.

cos clothing londonPastels, perfect for Spring... (left). The embellished sweater is part of SS10 and a Marni-esque dress currently on sale from FW09.

cos clothing londonEven the menswear section had a seating area, although few women would ever get bored shopping...

Far from being boring, standout items included an eye catching, but not over-the-top, studded silk dress, a sweater with embellished shoulders and a very elegant black rhinestone encrusted cropped jacket. For more accessories, a few bags, ranging from metallic clutches to urban canvas totes are available and the shoes tend to be big sellers as well, especially the current season wedge boots and python print ballerinas. Pricing is of course higher than H&M, with dresses in the 50-100 EUR range and outerwear retailing for 80-230 EUR, making it comparable to other mid-level retailers such as French Connection or All Saints.

cos clothing londonMore menswear (left) and shiny clutches for her (right).

cos clothing londonA few looks I spotted in-store, including... top row: watercolor prints (SS10 & FW09) a chain mail necklace (SS10). Bottom row:eyelet sweaters (SS10) , a knit that reminded me of FW09 Margiela (SS10) and geometric patterns (FW09).

Beware that shopping here can become addictive and outfits that are so easily mistaken for designer can be hard to find, so whether you're still searching for a Fashion Week outfit, a party dress or just a timeless garment you'll wear for years to come, COS is the best place to go. Unfortunately there are only a handful of boutiques in just seven European countries at the moment, with the UK and Germany leading in number of stores (and strangely none in Sweden). If H&M's expansion strategy is anything to go by, it may take a while yet for its sister brand to completely saturate Europe, let alone reach the U.S., Asia or even the online world, so make sure you visit if you're ever in the neighborhood of a COS store.

cos clothing londonAccessorize your look.. with chunky jewelry, wedge boots or a cool bag (images: COS).

cos clothing londonThe more muted, clean & tailored collection from the FW09 lookbook (images: COS).

Address: 222 Regent Street, London W1B 4
Opening Hrs: Mon-Sat: 10:00-20:00, Thu: until 21:00, Sun: 12:00-18:00

COS Homepage

Blind Soccer Tournament | Soccer Match for Blind People

This might be the most bizarre soccer tournament ever, the soccer tournament for the blind people. but how can the blind people play soccer?? well you have to check this out about the Blind Soccer Tournament | The Soccer Match for the Blind People.

The latest tournament took place in the Sokolniki district of Moscow. Four international teams gathered for a series of matches “in the dark”. It’s hard to understand how you can play a game like soccer without seeing a thing. All the players, with different degrees of blindness, have their eyes stuck shut with a kind of band-aid and covered with a night mask that provides protection and puts them all on equal footing.

But just because their vision is impaired, doesn’t mean they can’t use their other senses to coordinate. Their developed hearing helps them locate the ball and their team-mates and guides them towards the opposite goal. The ball itself is not the kind used in normal soccer matches, it’s a lot heavier, doesn’t bounce and produces a rattle noise to alert the players to its location.

The game lasts for two 25-minute halves, in which the players, guided by their coaches and team-guides, people who sit behind opposite goal and direct players on how to approach and score. One of the most interesting things about soccer for the blind is the goalkeepers aren’t blindfolded, so they can see where the ball is going. Still, goals are scored regularly, unlike in the Eton Wall Game.

Don’t imagine the game looks anything like the normal soccer games, the players hardly ever pass long or use their heads, they mainly stick to dribbling, short passing and shooting at the goal.